Dna merch – how to build a truly fair t-shirt crowdfunding / marketplace

This week there was the revision conf in Berlin, where i’ve met Anton Mantovanini from dna merch . He’s now exploring how to build a truly fair t-shirt crowdfunding/marketplace platform where everybody that contributes from the cotton growers to the garment workers to the designers to the fans of music bands that buy a shirt, gets a fair share of the value that is created.

Here’s the direct quote from him:

Full price and supply chain transparency seems a major opportunity here. It’s just the how that is currently hard to grasp for me. We already are transparent in the way that we have published the whole chain and give examples of calculations. But in the future I would like to see more direct but also automatized interaction between all partners in the chain. Basically, instead of being the middle men for others to produce with our partners, we would like to become one actor selling shirts on the future platform. And we would be the ones taking care of coordinating the overall network of actors involved in the platform, marketing the platform so there would be two revenue streams (platform fee per shirt sold + sales of own designs). I have recently heard of antifascism apparel where u can choose your end price. Not sure about the stages. And also they print on conventional basics from a big brand.

I’ve asked if he’d like to interact with the community to discuss whether DAO can applicable here, and he was happy to do that (will send him a link). Please reply/comment if you have ideas, examples, opinions or vision for implementation. Thanks!

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This sounds amazing, and it would be great to run Aragon’s merch operation as a full fledged DAO.

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