dMergers and dAcquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is a common thing in the world of Centralized Governance.
If DAOs created via Aragon would have this capability, then it may bring some value and network effects.

Apps-as-DAO being acquired by Aragon - success story to attract developers.

2 competing DAICO-driven projects converging and merging trivially, decreasing risk, decreasing capital waste on unnecessary competition.

Umbrella DAICIO that facilitates child DAICIOs and merging them back into parent organization (Aragon of the future?). DAO-funds exchanging and re-bundling their project portfolios.
Collaboration initiatives between lets say Aragon and ZeppelinOS? Easy.

What is the cost of M&A process in centralized world? Tens? Hundreds of thousands? What is potential cost of M&A process for DAOs ? 50 cents ?

In reality we see not only organizations, but inter-organizational structures.
Is this use case even optional? Hard to implement?