Discussions on Exit: RageQut vs BuyBack + Parameters

In response to this Poll I am trying to help consolidate discussions around the mechanism to provide ANT holders with a non-market exit.

The aim is to box the discussion around the mechanism and its parameters and ultimately arrive at a proposal to be voted on and implemented. We are aiming for mature, strucutred and respectful discourse. If people actually prefer to have the conversation in multiple parallel locations this thread will just sink into oblivion without creating distraction.

Discussions specifically around the treasury size, what can be transferred from the AA to the DAO and “book value per ANT” is structured in a separate topic HERE. If you want to discuss any of these other topics please head there.

Relevant other treads from the forum:

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@mlphresearch proposal from last summer:

my own:

Linking @Lux.Temple’s introduction of RAMOS as it feels relevant here:


Why are the only two options to waste resources indulging short term profit seekers? I want to vote against the 51% attack


Hey Jose, welcome to the community. In the forum we discuss proposals, you will be able to vote with your wrapped ANT once a proposal goes up. More details on how Aragon’s governance works can be found HERE.

The idea of this thread is to shape a proposal around the potential introduction of a non-market exit mechanism. The default of “don’t introduce a mechanism” always exists, the fact a discourse around an alternative exists does not mean the decision to introduce one is made.

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You are welcome to buy more ANT.