Discussion: Should ANT be the native token of Aragon Court?

I try to understand this for me complicated explanations

  1. Separation of powers and isolated incentives – Do you mean you like separate tokens for different ecosystems because then the interests are clear and only people who hold the token vote on the decisions of the specific ecosystem. In contrast if you would have a big token for all ecosystems then interests are not so clear separated?
  2. Work token aggregation – Do you mean you like separate tokens for different ecosystems because then each token capture the value of the specific ecosystem. This makes it easier to analyze ?

I really would love to see a pro contra list with arguments for and against a separation of ANJ / ANT

Do you mean because ANT is a governance token for the Aragon Network and through Optimistic Snapshot ANT would rely on the security of the Aragon Court (ANJ marketcap) and this is too unsecure for ANT governance? Thats why you need a higher security court (ANT court)?

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ICYMI, the recording is up for the town hall discussion on the recently withdrawn ANJ <> ANT merger proposal :microphone2:


For me, as one of the authors of the Aragon Network Agreement, my primary concern is that we have a way to enforce the Agreement when the Phoenix phase launches. If there’s a guarantee that we will have a mechanism for enforcing the Agreement in the new single-token court model when the Phoenix phase launches then I think this change makes sense.

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the vote passed YES+
what anj holders need to do now

I love what Jorge proposed / brainstormed during the town hall discussion that ANJ will be like ATOM in the cosmos hub a coordination token / system where everyone can spin up a court and connect it via the ANJ court hub with all other courts. Is there a written proposal for that? I think this is very exiting.


The proposal was withdrawn and will not be enacted based on the result of the first vote (the vote that ends today).

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Thanks for the kind words @mouyou!

No. Ideas evolving so fast that putting them on paper right now feels like a bit of a waste of time compared to continuing the thinking

ok. would love to hear or read your continues thinking on your brainstorm.

I like those live brainstorms. collective brainstorm. forum brainstorm. brainstorm in the morning. brainstorm in the evening. Could also be a nice movie “The Brainstorm” now on Netflix and perhaps also Amazon prime. It’s a story about a big storm which disrupts the whole earth. It’s like the day after tomorrow haha


uniswap rewarded its users generously
i guess aragon will do the same , - they wont use the optimistic snapshot there is better options
and like revolution0x said - with a reset after

I am a newbie in Aragon. From my perspective - it is always good to have a single token for one network / community regardless of its various initiatives. Tokens are a means of Coordination of its participants & community members. Price of a token is just a speculative side effect of the overall value addition to the network that is created by growing adoption and participation. In order to grow adoption it is always good idea to keep things simple, uniform and less ambiguous for newbies. I am in favour of having a single token regardless of economic interest. Economics will work anyway if adoption grows. I hodl both ANT & ANJ but still not sure which one to use where most effectively so I am in favour of merging the tokens into one. Sorry, I am still a noob.