Discourse: an optimistic take on the Aragon community 🦅

Man… I have to say, things have been lit lately :fire::popcorn:

As many people mentioned, there’s a lot of room to improve.

As many people also mentioned, being able to have open and honest discussions, and doing so effectively, is essential. Together we can accomplish great things. Divided we fall.

I’m really glad that we’re having such frank and open discussions. I might not agree with everything being said, but I don’t need to. If we all agreed on everything we would just be conforming to group think. To expand our views we need to be different. We also need to be humble. By reflecting on different perspectives, quickly admitting our mistakes, and updating our opinions we evolve. Those that evolve survive.

Aragon is trying to change the way humans organize. This is (obviously) non-trivial. We’re all coming to the table with ideas on how to get there, but we really don’t know. We’re figuring it out as we go. In addition to updating the models of governance and coordination available to humanity, we’re updating our own thinking. We’re eating our dog food and living the dream. Sometimes that dream might feel like a nightmare, but it’s our dream.

None of this would be possible if we weren’t all here. We’re sharing our ideas, fighting for what we believe in, and learning as we go. This is not easy. Pain + reflection = growth. Having open, honest, and critical (yet constructive!) conversations is a sign of strength. It’s very rare to find this. Despite my grievances, I’m quite glad I’m here.

So anyways… thank you, everyone, for sharing, caring, and fighting for freedom :slight_smile: