Difference between Projects and DAOs

I was wondering what the difference is between Projects and DAOs and Apps. because a project can be everything. Are there Aragon Projects out there which are not DAOs or Apps?

Infrastructure would be not a DAO or an App. there are probably many other. I think it would be helpful for me to somehow make a the category Project clearer because i don’t understand it .

Hi @mouyou!

A DAO would be the entire project or part of a Project at it is. The Project could be a DAO with its apps inside or a Corporation of DAOs. Just fixed according with the imagination or desire of the person or group who want to develope it.

so a project can be everything. I just find the category not clear. What should i post in the category “projects” just any project (DAO, App, Dao Copoation etc.) Because for new Projects there is the Category “Request” and for DAOs the Category “DAOs in the Wild” and for Apps the Category “Apps” so what should I post in Projects?

You can put it on the Community section followed by CFDAO…

Sorry for late reply