Developing an Australian Legal Wrapper for quick creation of NP and FP DAOs


Another idea re DAOs which is related to these other posts:


I have a number of interconnected Non-Profit and For-Profit projects which I think could make use of DAOs in different ways but I am beginning to think that rather than possibly one big DAO with “Sub DAOs”, that it might be better to have cleanly legally separated entities with only informal associations between the DAOs. So I just re-read the “Legal Wrapper” post and have been thinking about how I might do some sort of deal with my local solicitor to easily and quickly create associations / co-operatives / Pty Ltd companies etc with a governing DAO (in NSW Australia). If I could get that working it would certainly give me some experience to do the same for others in either the NP or FP areas. I am thinking about something similar to how it is already possible to buy “shelf companies” that are already created for general-purpose use that allow cheaper and faster starting up.

One possible (new) project I am thinking of is a small lawn-mowing / grass slashing business where the people involved in the DAO contribute resources or labour for either DAO token or fiat rewards. I have a rough idea about how this would work but the first thing to sort out is the best structure for the entity. I don’t know about Co-operatives in NSW but I will start gathering information.

Update #1

I found this which I will modify for the legal Co-op part for NSW: