Developer relations opening application; Is this Just kidding

To the awesome team at Aragon (and the community as a whole),

It brings me enthusiastic excitement to finally apply for a role at Aragon where I believe I would fit well, and I hope that the team would agree. I want this submission to be an experiment for the sake of exactly what we’re working on - something I wholeheartedly believe to be a principle that organizations should hold in general - and is something I find Aragon practices well: radical transparency. I submit this application here for the community to voice its opinion in the matter, if it has any. Let the scrutiny begin!

What I would bring to the team:

An outspoken voice in the Denver and greater Crypto Community that represents (what I believe to be) a moral compass for others to learn and build from. From leading the Denver CryptoParty for over two years to general leadership in the Colorado Blockchain community, I relentlessly work towards empowering other developers and non-technical minds alike. I’d like to scale my efforts though and believe Aragon to be the outlet for my endeavors since our intrinsic value grids align to an outstanding extent. To be clear on my own values though, I’ll detail them here to be sure that we agree that these are truths that we all hold:

  1. Free (as in libré) and open source software is essential to the survival of software and perhaps the human species
  2. Decentralization of power is essential “” “” “”
  3. Freedom and liberty are rights that we must defend with our full heart and soul, never to be compromised
  4. Self-sovereign organizations with opt in governance, with self-sovereign participants in digital jurisdictions makes them frictionless and unstoppable, and is far superior to the alternative systems we have in place today (ok… this is a shameless shill of Aragon’s Manifesto)
  5. Radical transparency prevents oppression, removes centralization of power, and allows for communities to make better decisions as a whole

In regards to my technical qualifications, you can find my CV here which includes 8+ years of professional developer experience using and building open source software.

It’d also behoove one to peruse my Github where you’ll find a handful of Aragon specific projects in progress.

Also! Follow me on twitter because I want to follow you as well: @proofoftom

So with all of that said, I’ll leave this here for assessment and look forward to the outcome, whatever that may be!

Kind Regards,


LOL & Congrats!

Good on you Tommy.

Well, have to admit, all the above does look pretty darn good :slight_smile:

I also must fess-up to having these exact same thoughts over the weekend* (& whether it would be appropriate) - either way you defo get props for cojones IMO (bloody Yanks:).

Now I guess what you’ve already weighed up, as have I, is that community participation is not reliant on employment, and noone will think any the less of you if it doesn’t come through.

I wish you well,


*Full disclosure_-_ I applied for the AA Program Manager position last Friday. Though not often one to blow my own trumpet too hard, I think I’m actually really well qualified for this role (dare I say, ‘perfect’).

To continue radical transparency - didn’t get the gig - was bit gutted tbh but there we are, I’ve got over myself now anyhow.


Good luck to you as well Julian! And agreed, I look forward to working with you no matter what the outcome of our applications may be.


Good luck to you. I am new here. Hope to learn basics first.


Hey @proofoftom, thanks for taking the time to apply for the Dev Rels opening @ Aragon One and doing so through the forum! It’s great to see long time community members using community channels in new ways :smiley:

Let’s get the process started and sync via the Aragon Chat and schedule an interview :slight_smile: