Delegate Profile: Prisma

Delegate Address: 0x74661e388b6C361F9fe14f45b421B0F6D9Cf97C6


“Prisma” is a cross-functional research team that services Prism DeGov Research Association (the “Association”), a non-profit association based in Switzerland, to support the advancement of decentralized governance solutions.

As a delegate, Prisma is seeking to represent ANT holders who are aligned in our vision, values, and strategic platform.

The direction we recommend for Aragon to pursue is to become the leading provider of on-chain governance technology to build and manage decentralized organizations. To do this, we vote to allocate capital toward an annual strategy and its supporting objectives to focus on reaching product (and protocol) market fit and growing a community of developers and non-technical builders who can experiment with and advance the future of on-chain governance. By signaling a clear direction for the Aragon project up-front, we hope to see less wasted time and resources.

Prisma provides delegation services as a Safe multisig as the delegate address (0xPrisma.eth), as opposed to receiving delegations as individuals. We will initiate a vote within the Aragon DAO on proposals that reflect the majority opinion of the Association (i.e. if “Yes” or “No” should pass). A >50% support threshold (e.g. 2/3, 3/4, 3/5, etc.) is set in order for the transaction to succeed.

Delegating to a single address held by multiple contractors has the following advantages:

  • Decentralising decision making power amongst a group of professionals with different competencies, experiences, and backgrounds
  • Distributing the workload of being a delegate across multiple individuals who are continuing their track record of adding value through other professional responsibilities, such as product creation and growth
  • Reducing the risk of personal biases having an impact on large decisions, or of a delegate missing an important vote due to extraneous circumstances
  • Dispersing a single token holder’s delegated ANT across multiple individuals, which would otherwise require token holders to split their holdings across multiple wallets
  • Leading by example, by initiating one of the first multisignature delegates in the ecosystem as we experiment with governance at the speed of software

Vision and Values

All Prisma members are vision- and value-aligned.

Aragon’s vision “to provide the most flexible and secure tools for creating and managing decentralized organizations, allowing everyone to experiment with governance at the speed of software” is aligned with our purpose. We believe that experimentation is essential to accelerate the discovery of new forms of social organization that are better equipped to overcome the existential challenges humanity faces.

We acknowledge that we do not know what these organizations or governance forms will look like. It is precisely this uncertainty that makes experimentation-led discovery a critical implication of the Aragon Manifesto. For this reason, we are promoting neutral and modular technology that allows for an unopinionated stance toward specific governance designs. Our goal is not to lead the discovery of new forms of governance ourselves, but to play an impartial role as the builders of the infrastructure that enables experimentation.


We are endorsing the Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure v1.0.0 and will thus vote to fund teams working toward the strategic initiatives identified in its Course of Action.

Professional Qualifications

Prisma’s current members are currently in leadership roles across Aragon guilds, with cross-functional and multidisciplinary backgrounds:

  • Carlos Gonzalez Juarez is the Head of Product Development and leads the Aragon Product Guild. He is a senior developer with 7 years experience in various engineering roles in the web3 industry, including co-founding Guesser as the Chief Technology Officer, which was acquired by Gemini, and the first auditor of Nation3. He has experience in product development and leading engineering teams.

  • Evan Aronson is the Head of Strategic Operations within the Eagle Ops Guild. He has 10 years of experience in the game industry, launching and supporting titles played by hundreds of millions of players worldwide. He has experience in product management, business intelligence, live operations, and quality assurance, as well as a background in game theory, voting systems, and social psychology.

  • Anthony Leutenegger is the Head of Business Development & Partnerships and leads the Growth Guild. He was previously the Associate Director of Advancement at one of the most prestigious schools in the world working with clients in over 80 countries and has served as the representative on two boards, both of which he led the board member selection process. He has experience in BD, corporate partnerships, stakeholder relations, and marketing.

  • Jessica Smith is the Head of Communications & Policy within the Growth Guild. She was previously a Public Policy Associate at Meta, a Legal Associate at an international law firm, and a Procedural Officer in the Parliament of Canada. She has experience in tech policy, public relations, and law.

Prisma’s members are committed to setting Aragon on a constructive path to ship technology. They also helped prepare the transition of the Aragon Association treasury, brand, and core teams into a new delegate voting Aragon DAO, per the will of ANT Holders. Prisma seeks delegation with the same motivation: we believe in the legacy and promise of the broader Aragon project and the teams that will uphold it and make it a reality. Above all, we hope our member’s efforts speak to their commitment to the project, its future, and its impact on society.

As of July 18, 2023, Prisma is no longer a member of Aragon Ecosystem Foundation.


Can’t think of a better group of people to act as an informed delegate on strategic direction for the future of Aragon.


Thanks for the kind words Ramon!

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Excited to keep this team around for decision-making of the org! Big admirer of the work and leadership so far :rocket:.


As of today, I am no longer a member of the Prisma delegate group. My decision to step down is driven by my need to concentrate on my current role and responsibilities as Executive Director, as the only remaining contributor of the Aragon Association. Even if the AA no longer plays an active role in materially contributing to the project from a product/engineering/growth/ops perspective, and the treasury it custodies is in the process of being transferred to the Aragon DAO, the AA still plays a critical role as a custodian of the project, acting as a trusted steward of critical infrastructure and IP.

I am confident in the capabilities of the remaining Prisma members to continue helping the Aragon Project achieve its foundational mission, and I wish the team continued success in their endeavors. Onwards and upwards! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Joan!

Thank you for your message in letting us know - appreciate the transparency and your focus in prioritizing the project. It only further validates your commitment to the mission and why you’ve been a great delegate :slight_smile: .

My one concern here is that now @Prisma only has 4 delegates, which means it’ll be harder to break even in case of a controversial discussion.

  • Have you discussed internally how @Prisma will handle that situation moving forward?
  • Will Prisma be adding an additional signer to the delegate multi-sig?