Delegate Profile: OnChainCoop


OnChainCoop is a collective of experienced builders, investors, and operators in the blockchain space that advances public blockchain-based coordination infrastructure development and adoption.

Delegate platform:

As an Aragon DAO delegate, OnChainCoop will leverage the extensive cross-functional experience and deep contextual knowledge of its members in the blockchain space, DAOs, and Aragon in particular, to make consistent and informed resource allocation decisions.

Specifically, OnChainCoop endorses the Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure v1.0.0 and will seek to fund the best-suited teams to execute the strategic initiatives identified in its Course of Action.

OnChainCoop will rely on feedback from key stakeholders (token holders, contributing teams, protocol users, and other ecosystem players) and collaboration with other delegate groups to identify priority initiatives on an annual cadence and evolve the strategy as needed.

OnChainCoop structure:

OnChainCoop will use a SAFE multisig and vote on Aragon DAO proposals based on a simple majority as determined by the signers (for example, 2/3). Initially, OnChainCoop will have three signers. Each signer is profiled in the next section.

OnChainCoop can add signers to complement the existing team’s expertise after a rigorous vetting process. Signers can be added or removed under the following conditions:

  • The OnChainCoop multisig shall have always have an uneven number greater than 1, e.g.: 3, 5, or 7 signers.
  • Adding a new signer is subject to unanimous approval of existing signers and the consent of large (>=20%) delegators (if known).
  • Removing a signer requires support from a unanimous decision by all remaining signers (excluding the signer in question).

OnChainCoop members’ expertise:

The initial members of OnChainCoop are actively engaged across the blockchain ecosystem and/or hold leadership roles within Aragon Association:

  • Rolf Hoefer started in blockchain with his PhD at INSEAD in 2011, where he completed his dissertation on tokens and organizations. Today, Rolf is a core contributor to MetaCartel Ventures DAO, runs a VC called Cultur3 Capital, and leads Numomo, a creative Web3 agency. Rolf has experience across NFT, DeFi, and other DAOs such as Rarible, Cream, and Metagov. Rolf is currently writing The DAO Book, following up on his previous book called NFT Revolution that sold over 100,000 copies.
  • Selim Imoberdorf has been a Design Lead for Aragon since June 2021 and has spearheaded the human-centric and modular concept at the heart of Aragon App. He is also a contributor to WE3, an international design collective with the best designers building Web3 projects around the world. Selim has been working in the blockchain industry since early 2017, and he has previously built scalable products in the banking and insurance industries. In addition to the bachlor’s degree as an interaction designer, he has over a decade of experience in digitalisation and human-centric design.
  • Ivan Fartunov has contributed to Aragon for over 18 months across strategic and growth projects and is currently the Head of Ecosystem. He is also a founding contributor at DAOstar One and Hydra Venture DAO (the first investment DAO fund of funds). Ivan has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and built a $5M ARR business as part of a CeFi project. He has over ten years of experience in capital allocation, corporate development, strategic advisory, and venture building.

OnChainCoop combines a strong understanding of Aragon’s product, operational and strategic context, and extensive tenure in the blockchain space across various projects and through multiple market cycles. We are

  • Informed about Aragon in particular
  • Connected to other DAOs and DAOists in the space to absorb best practices.
  • Dedicated to the space as a whole, especially on-chain governance.

Edit log: Added the delegation address as the Aragon DAO interface currently does not support ENS names


Definitely a group with extensive knowledge on how to get Aragon in the hands of many more projects, as well as ensuring the product experience remains relevant and human centered.

Excited to see this group in action.


Congrats on kicking off this multidisciplinary delegate platform :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the success and sound decision-making, and looking forward to meeting Rolf!


Love to see this team come to life! Great skillsets combined :heart_on_fire:

Also really looking forward to the content creation. Revised the twitter + website. Looking strong :fire:


Thank you all for the kind words - we are well stacked and hope we’ll be blessed by the EVM gods to deliver :slight_smile: