Defund Everything & Clawback | Transparency

“oops $40mil liabilities in grants and other things”

“oops our treasury transparency tool doesn’t reflect the massive gaping hole”

“oops accidently deleted transparency reports”

Proposal, in no particular order:

-Defund/Cancel everything Aragon DAO has agreed to fund

-Defund/Cancel everything Aragon Association has agreed to fund

-Defund/Cancel Aragon Association and all entities related to Aragon

-Transfer all funds to the DAO

-Clawback everything unspent


-Once there is absolute transparency on everything, start funding things again including discussions about individual salaries.


Not sure why the third point is hidden or not visible it must have been in an AN DAO category that wasn’t moved to archive when the clean up as was done moving to the Aragon DAO. Should be visible now.

Also not sure starting the DAO from scratch again is the best idea, a lot of good ideas to get back to BV and move from there. Teams have already had there proposals voted on by token holders. Will keep engaging productively in those other threads.

I think you’re avoiding the elephant in the room. Why are 40M$ missing? Why were the reports deleted?

Anyway, those reports are a real joke and would make any accountant’s eyes bleed. Why is “tax” mixed up with “transaction fees” ? Does it mean that you spent 400k$ on transaction fees? Please consider using from now on. And

Given the very generous budget, how about hiring an accountant to make a real report ? Even a 3rd-google-page service provider managing your Guam offshore IBC would refuse such worthless reporting.

I’m sure there’s a tidy one that you keep for the swiss tax admin. Please publish it.

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Yeah i think we are all confused why that it was public then deleted… quite weird timing of the deletion as well… this also isn’t the only thing that has been deleted.

You can delete / try to hide things… but the internet lasts forever.

We need FULL transparency… not transparency after the fact.

Hope we can be better.

I’m of course always open to discourse, but to be honest, this post touched my balls big time.

  1. We kept a fucking transparency portal for like 3 years in which literally we would document when we booked a flight. Circa 2019 when we had multiple teams working on the project it became unsustainable to maintain and we stopped. But I’m completely fed up of the Aragon wants to rug narrative. I put my entire soul and shed blood and tears to make Aragon a reference in transparency and governance for many years. See

  2. Cancelling previously approved votes is a governance antipattern. Expenditure is ~$10m this year. Doing this would be a $100m damage to the DAO. No one wants to work in a DAO that scams people. From a legal standpoint I don’t even think that works, keep in mind the Aragon DAO is.a wrapped DAO in Switzerland. Disclaimer: I hate wrapped DAOs.

  3. start funding things again including discussions about individual salaries.. This is not how things are run. Delegates or tokenholders shouldn’t put up votes like What should be Alex’s salary this year? Should Alex be able to take Easter off in 2024?. Like, what the hell. If tokenholders have a problem with a proposal for a team that you believe is taking money off the table, just vote against it. It’s the job of the team’s management to, well, manage their team. Including salaries and all. If you don’t agree with their management, you just vote against and voila, no one from that team gets salaries.

  4. I don’t know about the whole post deletion thing, but I look forward for the AA to provide more clarity on taxes. Because there are like three different tax rates depending on what the DAO does. This is one of the reasons why I hate the Aragon DAO being a wrapped entity. I’d rather pay the bulk of the taxes upon the treasury transfer, and then the DAO is its own entity and doesn’t have to worry about these legal shenanigans.

Anyway, @ant_holder, my message: thanks for engaging and caring, but keep FUD away. Otherwise it stops being civilized discourse and I’ll just stop engaging.


I think you are missing the point here again I am not in the AA we can only publish what we have. We pushed for that so there was at least some benchmark for the team proposals. We have a full set of new reports from this month in eagle ops with an accountant. So the DAO will have proper accounting.

The 40m is for the AA to clarify I don’t have any control over that.

When we transitioned to the Aragon DAO (delegate voting) in the forum, we attempted to make the forum clearer to navigate as there were a lot of legacy categories, as overlapping discussions got quite confusing. The categories were meant to be archived, not hidden, so it was cleaner to read in the forum. They were hidden by mistake, rather than archived, sorry for the confusion. I have gone through and made sure all the settings are correct now, so everything should now be readable. I can also add a separate report section so they are easier to find.

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