Default agreement for Aragon Govern - Opinions

With the upcoming release of Aragon Govern (, we aim to provide DAO creators with guidance when it comes to creating the agreement for their new DAO.

The agreement is nothing more than the set of rules under which the DAO should operate. Since Govern works with an optimistic approach, having the agreement is an important step to ensure the proper operation of the DAO.

To provide this guidance we will add 2 templates of agreement that can be used.

A really simplified text version, and a more complete document file.

Simplified version

"Any transaction created in this DAO must have first been proposed in an Aragon Voice vote on and with the following approval criteria:

  • 67% support of the participating tokens in the vote
  • proposal duration of at least 3 days

Transactions created that do not meet the above criteria should not be permitted."

Complete document version

Available to be cloned at

This forum post aims to gather feedback from the community for these proposed templates.

Of course, the templates can also be improved/updated after the release of Aragon Govern.

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the Govern DAO: Default Agreement is for me like the backend code. a front end for the average user is important. I was thinking about going on a site and see the skeleton of the default agreement which every agreement has like:

  • Section 0. Background
  • Section 1. RFC 2119 compliance
  • Section 2. Immutable guidelines
  • Section 3. Mutable guidelines
  • Section 4. Definitions

and each section has a bulleted list where i can add or remove list items or click on them and expand them to see the full text.

For me the section names are not self explanatory I would prefer more descriptive names. I would perhaps create a different skeleton which is more self explanatory like a house analogy. you have the agreement fundament, then perhaps the outer walls, then the inner walls and all the plumbing then perhaps interior design etc. if the structure is like something everyone can relate to and is familiar with s/he immediately understand the importance and structure of the agreement.

the simple version is just to short and incomplete for me and the full document is too long and complicated. Thats why i would prefer to have the skeleton structure with the bulleted list so i immediately see the hole agreement structure. I see what is all in the agreement without having to read everything. if i see the hole agreement structure with one view i feel more comfortable then just reading one small snippet of the agreement.