Deep Dao - DAO Analytics for Aragon

Hi, I’m the founder of Deep Dao, and I’d like to get the community’s response to creating an Aragon analytics app.

We already created a similar site for DAOStack DAOs, at deep dao. Six DAOs are included, and you can see summary aggregations for all of them, go deeper into each and see full, detailed proposal history, members history with a bunch of cool metrics, and decentralization related indices such as Gini, Herfindahl Hirschman, and Banzhaf.

I believe this type of analysis is extremely important for DAOs, and our type of governance. It will allow us to get a deeper understanding of our processes, and how do we collaborate.

What do you guys think?

A couple of words about myself: I’m a long time developer and product manager. I’ve been in the DAO space for a couple of years. In Can DAOs Save Politics? I tried to understand how would DAO tools solve issues of concentration of power in a movement I was part of, and later I created a detailed spec for a Democracy DAO.

DAOs are personal to me, and they have a potential to solve issues I’ve been trying to solve for over a decade. I believe that the analytics tool is a step in the right direction.


Sorry for the offtopic comment, but would be awesome if you could add an https certificate =)

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Yes, I will.

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Cool! Is that info going to be added in the “Decentralization Score” portion of the database?

Yes, exactly. The algorithm will take these into account, and also comparisons to other DAOs in the system.

It would get pretty nuanced. For example voting can be highly decentralized, while proposal creation is not.

Hey @burrrata, how do you suggest I’d move this forward?

Depends on what direction you’re moving in and what you need to get there. Are you asking about grants, product feedback, help engaging with users, or something else entirely?

Also, how will the system account for different DAO architectures? If you were to do this for Moloch, for example, it would be easy because all the DAOs are the same, but the metrics for each will be different. For Aragon, however, it’s a lot more complex as many DAOs can have multiple tokens, multiple voting apps, and sometimes even multiple Agents.

Yes, with Moloch it would be straightforward, and they also make it easier with their subgraph nodes. Aragon is a different story. My goal, in addition to creating the explorer for all relevant platforms is also to find the similarities – all DAOs have assets, members, proposals, and votes – and compare them to understand their health metrics, and degree of decentralization.

I am talking about grants, so I can develop the explorer for the various platforms.