Dedicated Dashboard for analysing ANV/AGPs

I am thinking about creating a dashboard for analysing ANV/AGPs for the Aragon community. @sohkai made a visualisation and provided some excellent analysis of the latest ANV. It would be a great to have a dedicated solution.


It isn’t easy for non-technical users to understand what’s happening with respect to the number of voters, weight and how this evolves over time. Furthermore, the AGP process is evolving. There are proposals for lock voting, voting rewards, delegate voting, quadratic voting and even conviction voting. All these have trade-offs and risks by the fact of changing the incentives in the network. Without understanding the data, this limits who can participate intelligently. This dashboard will allow users to easily understand what is happening.


My questions to the community are these:

  • What metrics do we want to optimise?

  • What data do you want to see in the dashboard?

  • How do you want to this to be displayed?

  • I’m thinking about making a bi or shiny dashboard, what would you prefer?

  • do you think it’s important to to be optimised for mobile?

  • Is it even worth making a dashboard? Should I just create a spreadsheet?

  • Most importantly is it something worthwhile creating? Are they any downsides to making something like this?

I’m already learning solidity and diving into the Aragon stack in my spare time, so I will be putting that on hold for a week or two while I do this. I’m more than happy to do it if its something you guys think is worthwhile


@huangkuan might also be interested in collaborating on this, they have a lot of infrastructure built already to pull data directly from the contracts and visualize that data.

I think rather than focus on ANV/AGPs it might be interesting to focus on Per Org Analytics, with an initial emphasis on the voting app. That way this is not only useful for the ANV/AGPs but also broadly useful for any organization using Aragon.

  • What data do you want to see in the dashboard?

I think there are only a few metrics that really make sense to look at with regard to voting and it would be good to visualize with vote-id/vote name in sequential order on they x-axis. As an aside, deeplinking is coming to the voting app soon and it would be great to be able to click on the vote/name and open up the specific vote in the org.

Examples of metrics that could be tracked along the y-axis of this chart:

  • num of unique addresses
  • participation rate (stake)

Then I think there are also some interesting visualizations that could be looked at if you drill into a specific vote. Some of these have already been created by @sohkai


  • I’m thinking about making a bi or shiny dashboard, what would you prefer?

Don’t have a strong preference in terms of tooling, whatever works really.

  • do you think it’s important to to be optimised for mobile?

Not really.

  • Is it even worth making a dashboard? Should I just create a spreadsheet?

A dashboard will probably be much easier to share and interpret, but a spreadsheet (template) might be easier for users to export data from their org and analyze.

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We were playing with that data before. Here is a quick demo that’s still on our development server.

If there is enough interests, happy to spend more time on it. The only thing is that we won’t be able to build a super customized dashboard for aragon at this moment. It will still be under Scout’s style.

Thanks for the great feedback!

@sepu85 introduced me to a script in the voting repo for pulling data. To keep it simple I’m going to download the data and create the visualisations around the downloaded data. I’ll use this as an MVP. If this gets good feedback, I’ll invest more time making it generalisable to any organisation that uses the voting app. Users should be able to enter their voting app address and the dashboard will pull all the voting data directly from the chain.

I’ll include all these visualisations.

I agree, I think a dashboard would be more useful but a bit more work. This is the route ill take

This is cool :cold_face: (pun intended :sweat_smile:), I was thinking about something like this but with more visualisations. I love the way the data is presented within the Aragon cool scout. But I do agree with Luke, a tool like this would be of most benefit if it could present the data of any DAO.

Aaron, if you can build an MVP, that would be great. Once I see the MVP and feedback, I can give you a much better evaluation on how much of that is what we already have on Scout and how much of that would require customization for Aragon.

Great, I’m doing it in my spare time so im hoping to have it ready by the weekend.



I’ve implemented the dashboard on google datastudio as it offers the best of both options. I have used a spreadsheet to input the voting data and created the dashboard around this, the next step will be to generalise the dashboard and make the spreadsheet into a template any other organisation can use.

The information is organised three categories:

  • global data across all ANVs
  • information on individual AGPs
  • information on individual voters

Still to do

  • Visualisation of Yes/no votes on individual AGPs and graphed with their timestamps (like @sohkai dashboard)
  • the distribution of voters in terms of the percentage of votes that they participated in (as suggested by @lkngton)

All feedback is welcome, specifically what other information I can extract from the data. Also, @huangkuan what are the options for using scout for a more permanent solution

Is there a demo I can see? Like I said in my previous post, I can give you a much better evaluation once I see the MVP.

Sorry forgot the main thing😅 I’ve it’s at the bottom of the previous post

So every thing you just showed can be done from Scout. I’d say 10-20% of the visualizations can be created via our self service tool (usually takes less than 2 minutes per chart). The rest of them will need to be created by us manually – write the queries manually and add to our database.

Great, is this something you guys are willing to do? Also what about individual DAOs? Having this information within scout would be the best solution. If not, I don’t mind doing this as a side project in react, but it will take a while as I don’t have as much free time as I’d like

If there is a need from the Aragon team, we will be more than happy to do it.