Decentralized Github: A distributed remote protocol for git based on IPFS, ethereum and aragonOS

Pando 2.0

Decentralized Github

A distributed remote protocol for git based on IPFS, ethereum and aragonOS

Proposal description: Pando was started 2 years ago and discontinued for over than a year. The team that built the initial version of Pando did a really amazing job and we plan on taking this work further and get Pando production-ready.

Proposal Rationale: Pando allows communities and decentralized organizations to own their code and repositories in a decentralized way. This is very powerful and represents a major use case for today’s startup ecosystem.

For example, a project could host their repository through Pando and every new release or update to their code will have to be approved by the community through voting.

This is actually the long term vision for Aragon itself: to be fully owned by the community. Imagine Aragon’s code being controlled by the community using Pando! In fact, multiple Aragon contributors have promoted Pando:

Duration and milestones of the project

Total duration: To infinity and beyond. This project will not end. Even if we stop working on it, the code will be owned by the community who will keep maintaining it.


  1. Refactor the code to work with the current AragonOs (Aragon Connect in particular) - Oct. 2020
  2. Make it as easy to create a Pando organization as to make a Dandelion one through Aragon (testnet) - Jan. 2020
  3. Launch on Mainnet - March 2020



Nathan Ganser Link
Ebrahim Hasan Link
Stefano Amedeo Link
Mohamed Elgazzar Link
Mari-Lou Wechsler Link

We’ve been working as a team for a while now and have very complementary skills. Frontend, backend & design. We’ve got it all. Nathan founded a decentralized community using Aragon years ago and the whole team is part of it. Pando will be key in making the community even more decentralized. We’re scratching our own itch.

Legal structure: Ltd company incorporated in the UK: Webbiger Ltd. This is the legal entity that owns the decentralized community we’re a part of. With Pando, we’ll be able to decentralize it fully.

Me, Nathan Ganser am acting on behalf of Webbiger Ltd as one of its directors. I’m authorised to present this proposal on behalf of Webbiger Ltd.


Amount Requested: 3k ANT (~20k usd.)
ETH Address: 0x8F488eb5720314bC2C0Dc4cc3A3219E2169C1950
Use of funds: To pay the whole team an equal minimal salary during those 6 months to achieve the planned milestones.

70% of the funds will be converted into dollars straight after being received and paid out monthly to the team (each member will receive the same amount). The 30% left in ANT will be distributed to each team member during the final months. It will be up to each team member if they convert the tokens or not.

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