Decentralized Autonomous Schooling System

Just imagine the future where every kid across the globe could have almost free or totally free education and could contribute to our society within the industry they are passionate about. The main idea of DASS is to eliminate all unnecessary parties in education industry and make everything automated whereas its hiring professors and teachers or choosing a new location (building) of new established school or university.
Proposal of getting started
Step 1: In SE Asia English Center business is booming and by creating a simple system where we could eliminate all unnecessary costs like managing staff would help to create a competitive system to current language center chains like Apollo, Apax … which are really expensive for local populiation…
This first baby step (if it will become successful of course) will fuel the bigger picture of creating a fully Decentralized Autonomous Schooling System that is owned and managed by its customers in our case parents and all decisions would be taken by voting who own the tokens of particular school which customers built for their younger generations.
I’m looking for people who are passionate about this topic and could help me to overcome all technical challenges on creating something valuable in Education industry.


Interesting! Would this fit well with a conventional tutoring system?

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Hi sir thanx for interest. I’ve already started working on a website(no crypto integration) with my friend who is a programmer the project that allows booking tutors around your area. Ultimate goal with first version of this website (plus convenient apps for both android and ios) is to book tutors around you that are offering the topic that you want and the difference from other similar apps would be that other students can join the same lesson and make the cost cheaper. So basically there are 3 parties. (I’m building this app to make English more affordable in SE Asia so all examples are from this project)

  1. Service provider(in our case ESL teachers around)
  2. Customers (students and their parents who wants to book a private lesson for their kids)
  3. Location providers (For 1vs1 lessons coffee shops would be perfect but for larger classes either companies or real estate owners can provide specially designed classrooms)
    The app will basically be like airbnb for tutoring customers would sign up quickly setup what they are interested in and on map would choose nearest and best suiting teacher for their needs. For adult students i suggested to make it like Tinder swipe swipe and find best suiting teacher around :slightly_smiling_face:
    Overall idea is to connect students and ESL teachers around without the help of established schoolchains which make education less affordable. But at the same time to not drop the quality of the service providers. By time it will be adjusted by itself with simple rating system. There are other challenges that we have to overcome but yeah first im starting with simple website hopefully later on can integrate cryptocurrencies and ultimate goal is DASS

OK, I would be one of the tutors (maths, science - particularly biology), IT etc.

I am interested to see how you pull all of this together!

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