DAPPS - dedicated allocated purposeful planned spending (App Mining market research)

A DAO has 1000 DAI in the Vault.

They need to pay domain, server, software licences - they need to dedicate allocate 500 DAI budget for that.

It will help to with planning / budgeting with 500 DAI is send to a different pocket where it is allocated.

Otherwise it is easy to forget that actually need to have that portion of money allocated.

Is such app already exists?

Do you think it’s worth developing?

It can help with better planning and spending habits…

I think that you can do that with Open Enterprise.

However, budgeting doesn’t mean that the 500 DAI are sent to a different pocket. It’s more a spending ceiling for the associated project, as far as I remember (which is the way budgeting works in the real world anyway). So the money is not sent to “a different pocket”, and if budgets are not consistently defined, money could run out.

(I might be wrong, I’m not that knowledgeable about OE).