Daolist is now Apiary, an Aragon DAO Explorer

Let’s start with a bit of history, back in July 2017 I started thinking about the idea of using a curation market as the basis for an accountable crowdfunding platform to fix many of the challenges around transparence and accountabiliy associated with ICO-based crowdfunding. The idea was initially proposed as the 1Hive funding platform and later refined into my Apiary proposal which was refined further by the Aragon Black team into what is now Aragon Fundraising. One critical assumption made in the Apiary proposal was that it would be easy for patrons to find and discover organizations they want to support and participate in. This isn’t discussed in the proposal because it’s not particularly relevant to the mechanism itself, but from a UX perspective it is essential to be able to browse and discover the various organizations that are raising funds in this way.

More broadly speaking, the ability to discover and ultimately participate in Aragon organizations is a pain-point in the Aragon ecosystem. Currently in order to open an Aragon organization you need to have a link, or know the name of the org and enter it on the Aragon landing page. If you wanted to find information about organizations that you didn’t already know about you can use either Scout, which is tailored more for understanding aggregate statistics rather than discovery, or DAOlist, which simply lists DAOs in chronological order as they were created.

A few weeks ago it came to my attention that DAOlist had gone down and that @onbjerg who had created the project was no longer interested in maintaining it, atleast in its present state. Around the same time a conversation within 1Hive’s ideas repo was going on, about how it would make sense to work on a portal for open source projects that wanted to use Aragon Fundraising to attract patrons to their project. After speaking with @onbjerg, we decided to, with his help, refactor DAOlist into Apiary, open source it, and start working on an enhanced set of features to improve the ability for people to explore, discover, and ultimately contribute to Aragon organizations.

Current State

The “worker”, which monitors transactions and stores information about organizations, has been rewritten and improved to enable detection of organizations without relying on a whitelisted set of templates. This allows us to track organizations that may have been deployed via the CLI or through custom templates. You’ll notice that some organization will now show up without friendly AragonIDs, these are organizations that have been deployed without using the normal onboarding flow, and are often some of the more interesting configurations.

We’ve also updated the front-end to use new aragonUI components such as the dataView, which enable us to sort and filter the list of organizations. Currently the properties we are exposing are limited to name and date created, but we will be adding additional data to these rows over time.

The site has been re-hosted at apiary.1hive.org and the daolist.io domain has been configured to mirror this for now.

Next Steps

With the newly improved backend functionality we want to update the frontend to allow the list of organizations to be sorted and filtered by additional attributes like the organization’s activity volume, asset value, or number of unique users. Which will make it easy for us to support sorting, filtering, and pagination.

We will also add a tab to view a list of Apps that have been published to APM.

It will probably look something like this:

We plan to host the core Aragon client as well, but will have it wrapped in another layer of navigation (left side bar), in order to make it easy to click into an organization, browse around, and then click back to the explorer view.

Users will be able to authenticate with their web3 provider and subscribe to organizations, then open a tab to see all of the activities across all of the orgs they have subscribed to in a single view.

It might look something like this: (though hopefully not :grimacing: … if you’re a UX designer and want to contribute please get in touch!)

Ultimately our goal is to make participating in an Aragon organization feel closer to joining a community on a social network like GitHub or Reddit, rather than like starting a company. Apps like Fundraising, Token Request, and Projects provide good entry points for external contributors and patrons and we plan to try and optimize that flow for users.

CFDAO Funding Request

We are requesting 5000 DAI from the CFDAO to support the ongoing development and hosting costs releated to Apairy. Funds will be managed transparently via an Aragon organization. And we intend to request additional funding and provide progress updates as we move forward.

Additionally, If you are interested in contributing to Apiary or other 1Hive projects, please take a look at our contributing guide to get started. We are always happy to connect with helpful and likeminded people, regardless of your skillset or experience.


This is awesome - glad to see it and hope you get the funding!


Really awesome!!


Wow this is :fire::fire::fire:
Looking forward to the mentioned enhancements to allow further exploration and curation of DAOs and will upvote CFDAO request!


Vote has been created in the CF DAO (https://mainnet.aragon.org/#/agp10/0xdbe4a3cc1eca108c1215d974b9bab8863f522b75)


i like it. perhaps as a follower you get different news / activity feed then as a member who can vote. as a follower i am only interested in twitter like news and statistics but not in all the detail stuff this would quickly spam the news feed. perhaps bundle news together like DAOx has 5 ongoing votes and has spend 20k$ (2% of vault budget) this month. something like this. and then when i am interested i can have a more detail look at it. would be also nice to have a personal profile where i can personalize my newsfeed. is this what autark is building?

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Great feedback. I think for the initial version the feed might feel a little bit spammy, provided that the orgs you follow are very active. But “collapsing” similar activities, providing statistics every once in a while and giving more control over what you see is definitely something we will keep in mind for future versions.

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It would be nice if Apiary (DAOlist) would be integrated into Aragon directly.

I think every aragon DAO should have a profile page like in Facebook Business where they can see all activity of the DAOs they follow. also I would love to see a similar profile for each Aragon User like my profile at Facebook but focused only on my Aragon activities.

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I think improving DAO discovery in the Aragon client itself would be great, and Apiary might be a great tool to help do that!

You may be interested in the Rich User Profiles initiative that Autark is working on:

and also their new Enabling Organization Insights initiative:

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daolist is not available Error 1016 https://daolist.1hive.org

and https://apiary.1hive.org is not showing any results