DAOlist.io is down... where can I find a list of all DAOs?

I’ve been using this website to map out the DAO ecosystem… but it’s been down for some time now…

Is there anywhere else I can find this information?


AFAIK DAOlist isn’t an official Aragon project. and I’m not sure who the developer is. but this seems like information that should be on scout cool.

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@onbjerg is/was the maintainer of daolist.io.

@huangkuan with daolist.io down, do you have any thoughts about how someone could get a complete list of organizations created using Aragon so far?

We have that already. There are two dashboards:


There is a table called “New Deployed DAOs” on the second one. You can access that table directly here. Change the dates in the url can allow you to filter DAOs during a specific date range.



Thank you!

This should work for now :slight_smile:

Yeah, Daolist is down permanently due to lack of interest on my part. I’d recommend using Scout instead :slight_smile: