“DAOincubator Session: DGov Aragon DAO Creation Workshop” at DGov’s Web3 Node


DAOincubator Session: DGov DAO Creation Workshop at the DGov Node of Web3 Summit from 17-21h on 19 August 2019.


Beth McCarthy, Cem Dagdelen, Daniel Shavit, Livia Deschermayer


• 17:00-17:30, Intro to Aragon Fundraising and Permissions overview

Cem and Daniel will present a demo of Aragon Fundraising and go over the Architecture and Permissions as well as present the upcoming template on-boarding screens for bonding curve presales.

• 17:30-18:00, brief fishbowl to provide opportunity for structured discussion around DAICOs and their forms, use cases and future evolutions.

• 18:00-20:00, Chaosmos Canvas* walk-through

The DGov DAO Creation Workshop will utilize Beth’s Chaosmos Canvas platform design methodology to guide a “real life use case,” DGov, through a rapid prototyping session for their DAO according to the following request laid out by DGov co-founder Tim Bansemer:

“Specs (base assumption): people know each other and they are trusted on a human level. The DAO is providing infrastructure for payment (multi-sig wallets) and identity (being a member based on a claim). We believe (base assumption) that with the right vision and right community people are willing to PAY to be part of it without any additional incentive structures outside the intrinsically motivation (vision to create new distributed governance systems with sovereign agency). This means we will not use any artificial incentives for the design of the DAO.”

DGov has already completed the initial step of creating an Aragon DAO but has yet to specify parameters, permissions and procedures for putting the DAO in action.

To meet Tim’s stated needs, the DGov DAO requires integrating on-chain governance and fundraising elements, in an incentive structure that reflects off-chain values, procedures and organizational architecture.

Our workshop’s objective is to support Tim (together with fellow DGov’ers Max Semenchuk, Anja Blaj, Phoebe Tickell and Ela Kagel) through defining a shared current state and aligning on concrete steps toward a desired future state in the following inter-related “DAO dimensions”:

• Ecosystem
• Governance
• Token Engineering
• Legal
• Fundraising

(This DAO co-design framework is the Chaosmos Canvas*)

• 20:00-21:00, reconnect as a group to debrief and address questions followed by informal discussion and connections among the group (decentralized beer time!)


The workshop serves multiple purposes that benefit the Aragon ecosystem:

• Onboard a DAO being started by multiple members of the community, whose needs offer an opportunity to “dogfood” key platform functionalities
• Share the in-house DAOincubator workshop framework, Chaosmos Canvas

• Unveil a demo of Aragon Fundraising and share knowledge generated during the onboarding process so far

• Provide instruction on the application (and possibility space!) of Aragon tools and features for a tangible use case that has both on-and-offchain integrations, and will exist continuously into the future as DGov grows


We are requesting 1124 DAI (1000 Euros) budget to be paid to the DAOincubator DAO, and from there will be distributed via a vote among the requesting members.

As flock team members Cem and Daniel will not be requesting compensation from the funds disbursed to the DAO.


Vote is posted! We hope to see some of y’all at the workshop tomorrow, 17:00 at the DGov Node of Web3 Summit <3


Hi @ontologymachine this seems like a great initiative. However I am wondering why the Community Funding DAO is paying for this consultation rather than the DGOV Foundation? It seems from a value alignment perspective that it should be the group receiving the value of the consultation (DGOV) rather than a largely unrelated third-party (ANT holders) paying money for this valuable service. What are your thoughts on this?

Edit: I plan to vote yes in any case, as I think at this stage there’s a lot that both communities can learn from the process. But it is worth thinking about and discussing DAO consultation as an independent business model vs the Aragon Network paying this “user acquisition cost” as two possible models for onboarding organizations, and when one might be appropriate vs the other.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response and vote! As we discussed a bit offline, the hope and intention of funding for the workshop was to provide an educational environment in which Web3 participants could learn with DGov DAO initiatiors about Aragon Fundraising and the Aragon platform functionalities, by observing their process as a “use case”. Additionally, I hope that this onboarding approach will provide valuable insights and metrics into onboarding and user education that can be tracked and replicated for future occasions, and plan on working with DGov to create a report on this to share with you all.

I really appreciate your support and hope you will find the outcome of this workshop helpful!.

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Congrats @ontologymachine! This proposal has been approved and enacted. Looking forward to seeing any followup notes/ reports/ other outcomes from the event :smile:

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