DAOfest Shanghai, bring Aragon as the leading platform to China

Daofest Shanghai is a collaboration experiment for event organization.

It is targeting for sharing and discussion on DAOs and decentralized collaboration. We bring together experienced decentralized collaboration practitioners outside of the crypto industry and enthusiasts, investors, change makers and communities who have been exploring DAOs within crypto industry.

Format: Podcast + onsite sharing event

  1. Podcast: interview with DAO and decentralized collaboration practitioners. The target of the podcast is to share views and voices on DAO from different perspectives and get audiences warmed up with the topics to be discussed on the DAOfest shanghai event.

Podcast completed includes: marketingdao, social wiki (one of largest content curation community in China), rainmaker ( one of largest finance community in China). DAOstack podcast will be conducted with DAOstack’s CEO, and we would like to conduct one podcast on Aragon team as well.

  1. Onsite Event: : which will be held on Dec, 8th, right after the PoV conference , the current rundown of the event is here, we target to share valuable thoughts on
  2. The born, development, decade and revival of DAO
  3. Looking at Decentralized Collaboration outside of blockchain
  4. Practice and feedback on decentralized collaboration
  5. Thinking about DAO from a technical and algorithm perspective
    Website is under construction and will be disclosed soon.
    Speakers includes the decentralized collaboration practitioners and enthusiasts, investors, change makers and communities who have been exploring DAOs.

Post Event Target:

  1. Gather valuable thoughts on DAOs and share with wider community members through mass media
  2. The current event is conducted an experiment for event organization through DAO, DAOFest Shanghai is organized by different parties including: DAOStep, Chainnews, Orange paper and Bit pusher. The organization team would like to explore for possibilities to be continues running as a DAO to further explore for decentralized collaboration in event organization, blockchain related survey and research and etc.

Funding request: 25 ETH from Aragon.
We are seek for funding from DAOstack, Aragon and MarketingDAO. The budget will cover the cost on venues, food and bev, video recording and live broadcasting, website construction, marketing and media, travel cost for organizers and etc and will be distributed per the contribution of each community member.

Hi @wudirruby do you know if anyone else will be around to present / represent the Aragon community at the event? I saw recently that @DanielS was in Shanghai, maybe there will be an opportunity to collaborate together if he or anyone he connected with will be in town for DAOFest at the time?

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Thanks @light for the connect! @wudirruby I am no longer in Shanghai but I’d be happy to connect you to some local Daoists by private message. Good luck with the event!

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Thanks @light for connect! I don’t know anyone from Aragon in China, glad if you would kindly introduce some.

Hi @DanielS , nice to connect! Would you be available on Dec 8 to join the event? We got quite interesting topics and contents this time and would be nice to have Aragon to join the event !

Sounds like a nice event!

Would be cool if the event could be shared live via Periscope or Twitch. And project sponsors could notify their communities in advance and ask questions during the live session!

Let me know if I can help!

P.S. You should also consider requesting for funding from Chinese VCs.

Thanks for your reply, happy to have you join our collaboration. BTW, what is Periscope or Twitch?

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They are live video streaming platforms.

I’ve watched a few meetups via Periscope and Twitch and really enjoyed the sessions. It’s almost like actually being there in person, though not quite. ; )

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@wudirruby Feel free to reach out to me via Telegram at @amazongirl or WeChat: Peony_001.