DAO.play: A Kickstarter for Communities

DAO.play: A Kickstarter for Communities

  • Discovering projects
  • Submitting a project ( Token + DAO + Fundraising) with a specific token distribution mechanism
    • Issue tokens through Bonding-Curves
    • Issue tokens through a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), a smart pool template that allows teams to release a project token while at the same time building deep liquidity. https://medium.com/balancer-protocol/building-liquidity-into-token-distribution-a49d4286e0d4
    • Issue tokens through Air-Drop (working for the project, hold specific tokens, stake specific tokens, other requirements to verify for the Airdrop)
    • Issue tokens through ongoing-Air-Drop / UBI (stake tokens, be active in the community / app, take other specific action to get UBI)
  • Supporting / investing in projects
  • Managing the community / project DAO.
  • They can use the Aragon Client or another interface to mange their DAO.


dao.play is a open source & free to use tool. The only arising expenses for the users will be the transaction costs. The project will be funded by donations from the Aragon community, other DAO communities and individuals to bring DAOs to the masses. dao.play is a not for profit DAO which is a community driven project created by different DAO communities. A collective DAO project.


dao.play is governed by the people who use the crowdfunding site. Each person will earn XP while playing the dao.play game and level up. The more XP you have the more voting power you have in the DAO. The members (users) will vote how the donations will be used and what to build next.

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