DAO metrics / data

Hey Aragon team! I’m trying to find data on:

  • number of members in each DAO , or total addresses in all DAOs

  • pooled funds, per DAO and total as well.

Is this available anywhere? So far only found https://daolist.io/ when searching for these metrics

Hi @paulab – There is quite a bit of data available in in Scout about organizations https://scout.cool/aragon/mainnet/admin/dashboards/5cc8b408bd974a0017ce1ff1

cc: @huangkuan

Hi!! Thanks for the reply. The link you sent didn’t open here, but I did find some info on scout : https://twitter.com/JackALaing/status/1142059916317868032?s=20

still would love to know how many members in total, any idea where could i get that?

Many thanks!! :slight_smile:

Here is the public