DAO merge

Is it possible to merge two DAOs. For example one DAO with marketcap 100 mio and antoher DAO with 30 Mio and then you establish a bonding curve between those DAO where the token holder can swap/stake one token for the other automatically so they don’t recognise that they pay with ANT or whatever token because it all get swapped automatically whichever token you hold without fees. So now both DAOs are merged into one DAO system. Each token has now the same functionallities. So for example you could do this with kleros and aragon ? What would be the pro and what con? Pro would be network effect. more people working together and more token usage. con would be loosing autonomy? but the projects won’t lose autonomy if they keep their token and the bonding curve which is adaptable to the usage same like ANJ and ANT. So why not connect all tokens which are offering useful functionalities for the communities with bonding curves? stake PNK get ANT. Stake ANT get PNK

I think open source decentralized services are nice because now websites/DAOs can add new services for their customers/users/creators/ like installing new plugins in wordpress. And all the services can share data with each other so it seems as one uniform system.