DAO introduction + Sponsorship request: Hackathon Mu帽贸n

What is it

The hackathon mu帽贸n is a decentralized hackathon where there are no judges. Instead, every participant rate each other with the help of a peer reviewing smart contract on Ethereum. We have a first version ready now live on mainnet and the event will be held in July 6th from 8am to 8pm (-6 GMT).


It all started around 2013, at our local tech community in Honduras. We wanted to experiment with an alternative hackathon where convincing a judge or winning a first place is not incentivised. We wanted to focus on sharing, learning and hacking. Since then we have done 4 events like this and we want our 5th event to be simplified with the help of an smart contract.

Smart contract?

To participate, everyone pays an entry fee that goes directly to a pot. At the end of the event, everyone rate each other and the pot gets distributed proportionally to every participant perception of each other.

Who are we

I鈥檓 Ahmed (@turupawn), part of BUIDL honduras our local blockchain community. We do meetups, blog posts, talks, blockchain projects and bi-weekly calls.

Sponsorship request

At the moment, we are getting participants registered and sponsors on board. Thanks to our supportive local tech community we secured the venue, food and some extra pot. The event will be held in two separate cities with 2 different pots: San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. That鈥檚 why we created a smart contract to help sponsors available here. Our sponsorship dapp splits your contribution directly to the corresponding pots, 50% to San Pedro Sula and 50% to Tegucigalpa.

This is very experimental, that鈥檚 why we want to keep it small and simple before we scale things up. However your support would be very appreciated. Everyone can donate to the pot, but with around 0.1 eth put directly to the pot we can add your name or logo to our sponsors list, more will be very welcome to!

More importantly, feedback, code audit, PRs, ideas, swag etc鈥 very welcome!
We, as BUIDL Honduras, love what you guys are doing, have learned from what you have built and we are considering converting into an Aragon DAO. We think you can add a lot of value to what we are doing.


Hi Ahmed,

I just had a look at your webpage, dapp and meetup group, it looks you are doing a fantastic community work there in Honduras, that鈥檚 amazing!!

Just for you to know, there is a an Aragon Community Funding DAO where you could ask for funds and sponsorship for this kind of events as long you guarantee it鈥檚 for spreading the knowledge and use of Aragon within your communities.

It might be late already for funding this hackathon (July 6th), but it would be cool if you organize Aragon oriented events, and ask for fundings to pay for (e.g.) catering, awards and logistic costs.
Just take into account you can ask for funds only in DAI and from an Aragon DAO, so I don鈥檛 think your current smart contract for gathering sponsorship would work with it.

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Thanks @sepu85! The hackathon will take place this weekend, we鈥檙e very excited!

In our latest community call, we discussed the Aragon community funding DAO and what we see it would be a good fit is using the funds to nurture BUIDL Honduras and document it as an Aragon DAO use case. So we could do blog posts and videos about our use case process. We, as an Aragon DAO, would decide how to use the funds by voting. The funds will be used in meetups and coding bounties (gitcoin most likely). Whilst they won鈥檛 be Aragon specific meetups and bounties, they would be DAO, dapp and governance oriented because that鈥檚 what BUIDL Honduras is about.

What do you think about giving us the autonomy to use the funds? Does documenting the process is an idea that sounds appealing?

After the hackathon we plan to sit down and structure it better but we would like to know if you guys think this is a good path and what do you think about it.

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all the funding grants I鈥檝e seen so far have been granted to individuals, giving it to a DAO would be amazing (just be careful about technical details, I haven鈥檛 seen yet fund transfers among Aragon DAOs to happen smoothly)!!!

I would suggest you by starting to make meetups and bounties about Aragon, as the funds we are talking about are for Aragon oriented activities only鈥 After doing that, gathering feedbacks from your community and clear out what could be your future activities and if it makes sense to include Aragon or not, you could be asking funds for future activities. Does that makes sense to you??