DAO hubs / DAO alliances / DAO Working Groups

It would be nice to have to option to create DAO alliances / DAO Working Groups / DAO Hub where DAOs can agree on certain values, rules and principles so DAOs can better work together.

It would be amazing. A cooperation on learning from other DAOs and stablish a cooperation between two or more DAOs. So, it would be an oportunity to create a community of DAOs around the world and linking them…

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I just had an idea about DAO Global Gathering app that would connect all the Aragon DAOs for a specific reason like voting or smthg similar. Like message “We need to organize anti-COVID19 initiative” that can be send to all of them

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Great idea! It doesn’t have to be an app though, we can just create a new DAO and let other DAOs participate in it through their Agents. It would be cool to see more bottom-up coordination like this in the Aragon ecosystem and in the DAO space in general. Today we have 1447 Aragon DAOs, but apparently they doesn’t interact much on-chain (would be interesting to measure that).

There was a discussion several days ago on a similar topic in this thread:

and I discussed today similar subject here :slight_smile:

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Given that the AGP process was sunset (How to submit a proposal?), I’d like to see the DAO alliance whose goal is to signal support for various governance proposals and decisions (in the spirit of Signal DAO).

Is there a place DAOs councils have to convene? I would like to get others feedback about the platform.

For Aragon DAOs, this forum is that place, I think.
You may also want to ask DAO consultants at RaidGuild: Aragon DAO Consultants; Negative tokens?; "Paying it Forward"?


I think NetworkDAOs could help to overcome tribalism cause they then see their aligned interests and values. Each NetworkDAO has certain values which are written down in the NetworkDAO manifesto. Every DAO which adopt the NetworkDAO manifesto can join. Every action which is against the manifesto can then be brought to the aragon dispute resolution system.

I think tools for DAOs to better work together and share ideas and invest in projects they are interested in is important.

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