DAO hubs / DAO alliances / DAO Working Groups

It would be nice to have to option to create DAO alliances / DAO Working Groups / DAO Hub where DAOs can agree on certain values, rules and principles so DAOs can better work together.

It would be amazing. A cooperation on learning from other DAOs and stablish a cooperation between two or more DAOs. So, it would be an oportunity to create a community of DAOs around the world and linking them…

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I just had an idea about DAO Global Gathering app that would connect all the Aragon DAOs for a specific reason like voting or smthg similar. Like message “We need to organize anti-COVID19 initiative” that can be send to all of them

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Great idea! It doesn’t have to be an app though, we can just create a new DAO and let other DAOs participate in it through their Agents. It would be cool to see more bottom-up coordination like this in the Aragon ecosystem and in the DAO space in general. Today we have 1447 Aragon DAOs, but apparently they doesn’t interact much on-chain (would be interesting to measure that).

There was a discussion several days ago on a similar topic in this thread:

and I discussed today similar subject here :slight_smile:

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Given that the AGP process was sunset (How to submit a proposal?), I’d like to see the DAO alliance whose goal is to signal support for various governance proposals and decisions (in the spirit of Signal DAO).

Is there a place DAOs councils have to convene? I would like to get others feedback about the platform.

For Aragon DAOs, this forum is that place, I think.
You may also want to ask DAO consultants at RaidGuild: Aragon DAO Consultants; Negative tokens?; "Paying it Forward"?