DAO - Helping children purchase medicines

My dear friends,

Due to the situation in Ukraine and the big problems experiencing children with genetic diseases in purchasing expensive medicine, we are tying to set up a DAO in order to improve this situazion.

While I am a Top Manager and I also have an IT Degree cum laude , I understand that I am not enough skilled in this theme so I am asking you for help.

We would like to let children sell as NFT their pictures or drawings and receive from them money that they can use in order to buy whatever they need.
Additionally we would set a second way of NFT related to genome and let children earn also from it.
10% of the sale price goes to the fund.

In particular in this moment we are experiencing the following issues :

  1. Ownership: In order to mantain a good discipline and aligment to our ideals we would like to set up a new Token and sell 40% of it on 10% ( 4 months release basis). How can I create such a scheme ? Can you please suggest a user case or good articles ?

  2. Fundrising 1: We would like to fund rise this initiative proposing a scheme similar to the Whirlpool or something more innovative. Could you please help us indicating a good user case or article ? We would like to propose early investors a profit in order sto start up the business

  3. Fundrising 2: There are a lot of people and governamental scructures willing to help without asking for a return on their profits. Is it possible to set a Fundrising similar to a prive equity and a Fundrising similar to a charity togheter ? How can I develop such a structure in a unique DAO ?

  4. NFT : we would like to have two NFT , one of the children drawings / pictures and one for the genomes. Is it possible that a unique DAO organise two different NFT ? Can someone suggest me good reading about it ?

We are really willing to help but I see that the team is not formed yet. Please feel free to join us in case you have the competences and the true will to help children in this difficult times.

Best regards


Sorry I cant be more helpful than to share this How to Start a Charity (from your Bedroom) | Elimu @alibama is this something the support forum can help with?

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@lee0007 this is exactly what we’re doing!
@Wardmase - i’ve moved this discussion over to our support forum and added some notes - looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile: