DAO for protests and activism: decisive transformations

If we adapt DAO to protests and activism, then we adapt it to everything more easily and faster :electric_plug:

Heeey dao-wizards and fighters for freedom! Crumple here :paw_prints:

Thanks to the dao-community and Aragon :eagle: in particular for welcoming and supporting my activity and such an important topic in general. “DAO for protests and activism” area deeply touched me even during the Global Climate Strike led by the amazing Greta Thunberg, but it detonated now, during my participation in the anti-dictatorial, peaceful #BelarusProtest.

This publication is still in preparation now. The first three parts have already been published. The next parts will be added before the end of this week - Sorry for the delay, I’m in the process :microscope: :satellite: So welcome the entire dao-community, Aragon community and fighters for freedom from all parts of the world to the time-requested, action-oriented discussion. Here is also [Activism] channel on Aragon Discord.


  1. Some note
  2. The main aspirations for now
  3. What is DAO for me. Fundamental
  4. World’s protests: request for decisive transformations
  5. DAO and protests: from individual use to complete transformation
  6. Fighting for freedom collaboration: [DAO for protests and activism] DAO-Hub creation proposal
  7. First case: DAO-solution to help #BelarusProtest > Situation brief and proposed concepts
  8. Relevant links, quotes, abstracts, cases
  9. Who is Crumple and his participation

Take this doc as my public drafts please
Dear friends, I’m not an experienced publicist yet, so I apologize in advance for possible gaps in the sequence of information presentation, its possible repetition in different forms and irrelevance to this topic, as well as the possible absence at the moment of any expected unique and holistic ideas\solutions in the discussed direction. These are just the first steps in such a large-scale, not simple and unexplored area and this material is written “on the fly”, arbitrarily, without proper editing and with not good English, but on this score - all claims to Google plz. So please take this doc as my public drafts in general. I’m absolutely open to amendments and additions.

The main aspirations for now

  • to share my so far quite general, chaotic and unfiltered reflections in this direction;

  • try to deploy a long-term and action-oriented discussion;

  • to convey the special relevance and importance of this direction, in my opinion;

  • to meet like-minded people, their vision, ideas and a possible predisposition to collaboration;

  • to make my practical pre-proposals regarding possible further steps, in particular the possibility of organizing a certain dao-hub for research, modeling, prototyping and experiments in this area;

  • to discuss and select a concept for the first practical “DAO for protest” case to help the anti-dictatorial #BelarusProtest;

What is DAO for me. Fundamental
From my point of view, fundamentally “DAO” is an organizational and operational model according to which nature and the universe as a whole are arranged and already probably “ideally” works. And for humanity, this is still an ongoing, but already improved pursuit of justice and harmony. Why ongoing? Because at any time in history, if someone had an intention to build the most honest and just organization, they could do it, despite the level of technological progress of that time. And this was realized on many examples of the past, in various modifications and areas, at various levels and with one or another positive or negative final result. That is, according to its broad conceptual essence, DAO = a collective organization, which can be a commune, cooperative, incorporation, party, state, international organization, etc., and which could be built both before the Web and during Web1, Web2 and now, during Web3. The blockchain gave us the main difference between “DAO on web3” from all previous ones. So now it is technically impossible to usurp power, assets and processes within the framework of DAO, if such an opportunity is not provided initially. But don’t forget that in the area we are talking about, decisive processes are still taking place in the physical world, although with the significant help of web2 technologies now and so far with little help of web3 technologies. And the quantity, multilevel, interconnectedness and scale of processes as a whole, probably can’t be compared with any organization. That is, for example, what is the whole nationwide protest from the point of view of public organization and holding an event? And what is the subsequent transformation of such a “decentralized event” into a "decentralized subject”, that unfolds “direct democracy” as a result of the protest? I’m not a utopian.

World’s protests: request for decisive transformations
In Belarus, a nationwide protest for freedom against last dictatorial regime in Europe. In the United States, protests following the death of George Floyd. In the Philippines, protesters are sounding the alarm over a new anti-terror bill that some fear will suppress free speech. Protests in Hong Kong have reignited after Beijing set out to impose national security legislation. In Toronto, the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet while police were in her apartment led to protests against racial inequity. Israelis are protesting the killing of a teacher at the hands of Israeli police and are rallying in solidarity with United States protesters. In Brazil, residents have turned out to protest police brutality and to weigh in on ongoing investigations against the country’s president. Chileans are protesting coronavirus lockdowns and food shortages. In Russia, changing local mass protests against the arbitrariness of the authorities. It’s only part for 2020. Here is the Global Protests Tracker, where you can see a map and some statistics of the most significant protests since 2017.

So and what do I want to say first of all about this? Earlier, I believed that it’s better to build new than to protest against the old. Now I’m convinced that it is necessary to build in protest! (not in all cases of course)

Simple, corny but true
When you are a dao-pioneer and are inside a giant nationwide protest, you realize that this is probably the largest and most important “polygon” for testing and evolutionarily demanding DAO adaptation. Because only here there is always an extreme concentration of “collective energy of change”, which obviously lacks the already existing, but not yet adapted, best, relevant solutions and technologies. In order, on the one hand, that the decentralized smart protest is carried out much more efficiently, faster and without losses, and on the other hand, so that this protest as a decentralized autonomous movement\event (DAM) can be transformed into such a self-organized force (subject) that is able to achieve precisely the original, fundamental, “idealistic” and long-term people goals. That is, as a result of this co-energy ejection, to obtain the highest possible efficiency for all. But so far, as a rule, the movement either completely loses, or cools down, or wins, but only in the context of short-term or medium-term, not fundamental goals, which may not be abundantly voiced, but collectively implied and desired.

Let’s take the example of the overthrow of an authoritarian regime and the establishment of democracy, which is certainly great and is a big step towards more freedom. But who, how and for what this democracy and everything within it is established in the end. And is our “collective victorious giant” always happy about this? Which, as a rule, due to its sluggishness, post-victory laziness, and most importantly still not a sufficient degree of self-organization due to the lack or inappropriateness of the appropriate infrastructure, concepts and strategies, simply can’t keep track of the “small, cunning, organized guys ” and prevent the appropriation of the fruits of collective achievement by doing it in their own free way, blocking the opportunity to prevent it. Other examples? They are everywhere, in all areas, both in the most developed and successful countries and in the backward ones, both at the micro-local level and around the world in relation to issues that, for example, relate to nature, that is, everyone. If we take all the main protests and correlate the fundamentally desired and actually obtained results, it will probably be 1 in 10?

So how do we finally fix this “system error”? How to allow our “co-giant” to achieve the maximum desired fundamental change during and after ptotest? How can we make it as easy as possible? How can this be done in accordance with such a nationwide and altogether global scale? I’m not ready to answer this questions completely and correctly right now, I hope we can eventually answer it together. But I’m sure that the appropriate solutions are possible and we should to go to it in a focused way. At this stage, I can pre-describe my general, so far rather vague vision on this matter and immediately propose for consideration some first practical steps to meet this, which I personally am ready to take…

The next parts will be published in the coming days. Perhaps even based on the parts already posted, you could share your general opinion on this. Am I thinking in the right direction or do you think these are excessive dreams and why? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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Great idea! Happy to participate for XR Australia . .

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Hey Philip. Thank you. Already visited Australia XR site. It’s great! Any thoughts to somehow use dao for this?

I just posted the first sections of my work here. While this is a fairly general, abstract, introductory thinking. An attempt to look at the root and describe in simple words. Is it too blurry, at your opinion? Is it worth writing and talking about this to begin with?
There will be more specifics further.

Hey friends. As part of my ongoing research in this direction, I would like to share this video "Crypto For Activism — Micah White and Amir Taaki at DevCon5 " :desktop_computer:

Apparently, this speech is so far the closest to my still rather vague reflections on crypto and dao for activism. Micah White is a well-known activist who created a spark, that would later become the global protest of “Occupy Wall Street”. Here at DevCon5 in Japan he talks about the main possible uses of blockchain in activism area, in particular the use of DAO. He also talks about some smart-contract use cases, including an extremely unusual case aimed at bypassing the Chinese blocking of the phrase “Reigning Emperor” (当今 皇上). In addition to the video, here is his relevant article “Crypto For Activism: Four Models of Protest on the Ethereum Blockchain”.

But still, Amir Taaki’s speech in the second part of the video hooked me few more. It impressively communicates the importance of a broader, philosophical, consolidated approach and bold decisions and actions in harnessing the new opportunities that blockchain brings to reform the world. But blockchain, crypto, dao are not a panacea, and the main thing remains the specific intentions and actions of people in the fighting for real freedom, who uses, adapts, improves the available tools and opportunities most correctly.

And as a summary of this materials, here is the main quote that I recorded for myself from this speech, by Micah White. It good describes my general position and aspirations in this regard as well:

“I would give up on this idea that we need to achieve mass adoption in order to have a revolutionary effect. I would say the challenge is to create a revolutionary and activists use of this. And then just move forward and wait for no one.”

:fist: :thought_balloon:


About delays
Hey guys. Sorry for my delays in preparing a specific concept/proposal of the [DAO for Activism Hub] + the first use-case for #BelarusProtest, and accordingly for the delays of my next sections of this thread, as it noted in the content. Excessive curiosity and such not simple area takes time for good pre-preparation. But I am fighting with some defocusing and there are good successes in this. From yesterday I will be keeping a public weekly progress diary here and in this my Twitter thread about my #DAOforActivism \ #DAOforProtest activities. Here is my progress over the last 2 weeks:

#DAOforActivism :electric_plug: Week 1-2

Done list :white_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: New dao-front is deployed
:heavy_check_mark: Supported by dao-community
:heavy_check_mark: Initial drafts on Aragon forum
:heavy_check_mark: Activism :fist: channel on Aragon Discord and Aragon Forum
:heavy_check_mark: General area pre-research
:heavy_check_mark: First accomplices found
:heavy_check_mark: Pre-concept of [DAO for Activism HUB] + the first use-case for #BelarusProtest

To doing list :sparkles:

:gear: Deploying test DAO for #BelarusProtest on Aragon

:man_technologist: The first dao activists onboarding and skilling

:memo: Aragon Funding Proposal preparing with 2in1 support-request for [DAO for Activism Hub] + the first use-case for #BelarusProtest

About Aragon Funding Proposal
Having received valuable tips from experienced Aragon and dao community members, I decided to immediately prepare Funding Proposal instead of the usual presentation of the initiative for a possible collaboration. In general, as for me, this is not a question of funding, it just will be more productive in every sense, judging by the way I understood the processes in the ecosystem. If I am wrong, then please correct me.

About ongoing research
For example, here is the result of my extremely helpful conversation with Trojan DAO about their great experience with using Aragon DAO for non-profit purposes. In this case, they used DAO in the fight against Covid19 spread in Greece. All the main quotes from the dialog are inside this Twitter thread.

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Sorry I have not responded yet with more info about my interests (too many things to deal with ATM) but I will keep track of your progress and get involved as time allows . .

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Hey, of course, I understand all this. Thanks for your interest and support. I appreciate it very much!

This is very cool.
I was deep in protests.
So deep, that now - i’m political refugee.

I was in belarusian prison, because of political repressions.
But look at fees in Ethereum.
Are you ready to pay 30$ to vote for proposals?


Hey! I hope you are okay now. Overall, the question is not about voting. We should begin to apply the technology with the potential for decisive change. Yes, they are faaaar from perfect, but they are already there. Gas issue - I’m currently researching xDai. The guys say it’s ok. Are you interested in implementing the first DAO for protest, on the case of Belarus? I’m in :electric_plug:

I already do it.
But not about DAO.
We help with cryptoeconomics.
But DAO - also very interesting.
But we need DAO on Cosmos-SDK.
I belive in Cosmos Ecosystem much more, than in Ethereum.

But “DAO on Cosmos-SDK” is not yet. Therefore, it is done based on what we have now. What exactly about cryptoeconomics? I read this.

“Decentralization is the main sign of the Belarusian protest in 2020. Do not forget that Belarus is a world-famous IT country. Belarusians have learned to communicate effectively using Telegram and Viber. What prevents them from transferring money to each other 24/7/365 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Nothing. Disconnect the Internet - Web 3.0 will help out. According to Decree No. 8 on the development of the digital economy, operations in cryptocurrency for individuals in Belarus are legal. The laid-off workers are already receiving support in bitcoins. The next step is to sell goods / services for cryptocurrency, bypassing fiat money. There are already dozens of stores ready to put up price tags in cryptocurrencies. Before our eyes, the birth of the Belarusian cryptoeconomy is taking place, in which millions of Belarusians will be involved within a year or two. There is no place for the state in it - as an OMON officer there is no place for a couple in love."

The intention is absolutely correct. And btw, many actual things can be done using DAO, as a decentralized organizational and operational entity, out of any states jurisdiction :thought_balloon:

We was making educational meetups, how to use crypto, that people stop to use fiat-money, and stop to support dictator-economical system.

So, i will glad to help, as i can.

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Cool. This is a really important task in situations like this. And crypto really allows to deploy parallel economies, which with mass involvement, are capable of becoming one of the most effective tools in the fighting. Protests are capable of becoming a catalyst to accelerate such processes, but so far it is not as fast as we would like.

By the way, in my primary “DAO for Belarus protest” Twitter thread, where I listed the pre-possible directions of using DAO in protest, one of them was “the deployment of parallel, decentralized local crypto hub-networks in the financial and economic sector.” I assumed the possibility of using DAO as an organizational-operational platform-entity outside the state jurisdiction, on the basis of which it is possible to deploy a co-org that will deploy a p2p offline+online crypto network in a particular district, city or country as a whole. As example, I considered the complex deployment of the PundiX ecosystem in this way. That is, a DAO that deploys PundiX is essentially out of state jurisdiction, but the citizens who use this network, terminals, wallet do it legally, according to Decree 8. Obviously, there are questions about such a scheme, but such was the line of thought :thought_balloon:

So, I’m glad of your predisposition to possible collaboration. Let’s be in touch. Where can we contact directly? Twitter, Discord, Kaybase?

#DAOforActivism :electric_plug: Week 3-4

Done list :white_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: General worldwide protests pre-research
:heavy_check_mark: ‘DAO for non-profit’ great feedback by Trojan DAO
:heavy_check_mark: Test DAO for Belarus Protest on Aragon Rinkeby test network deployed
:heavy_check_mark: The first anti-dictatorial test vote on Aragon test DAO for Belarus Protest
:heavy_check_mark: Joined Democracy Earth and Vocdoni communities in Discord
:heavy_check_mark: Translated and analyzed the ‘Victory Plan’ by Nexta (the leading Telegram media + coordinator\mobilizer of the Belarus Protest). For a better modeling of the possible and most feasible ‘DAO solutions’
:heavy_check_mark: For general modeling of the possible DAO for activism\protests solutions has been found a great research by UK and US academics (via Yasmeen Serhan from The Atlantic) with more than 100 new methods of nonviolent activism adopted during the pandemic
:heavy_check_mark: New acquaintances with like-minded people, networking\tweetworking
:heavy_check_mark: Opened “From DAM* into DAO” research direction

*decentralized autonomous movement

To doing list :sparkles:

:memo: Aragon Funding Proposal ongoing preparation (but perhaps the first experiment will be independent)

:memo: Collaborate Proposal to Activists

:e-mail: “DAO for non-profit” feedback request to Cura DAO

:triangular_ruler:DAO solutions modeling for modern nonviolent activism

:books:Pedagogy of Nonviolence (M. Gandhi)

:gear:Tech preparation for the mainnet Aragon DAO deployment for the first [DAO for Activism] experiment. Identifying the cheapest and most convenient way to deploy DAO on Aragon amid high Tx fees on Ethereum network.

:microscope:Researching xDai, Snapshot, Democracy Earth, Vocdoni, HODLpac, DePo


@iamcrumplecat ,

Keep up the great work! I will check out the test DAO . .