DAO Business Models and Consultants

As @Amazongirl mentioned in this thread, there’s a lot of opportunity to bring DAOs to market. Currently there’s a gap between those who are interested in using DAOs and those who understand DAOs. A program (or DAO) dedicated to educating and training people on various DAO business models and DAO design/architectures could help fill this gap. This would:

  • create information about DAOs that speaks the language of users and business owners rather than just developers
  • incentivize research into DAO business models and resulting architectures
  • allow “DAO consultants” or a “Consultancy DAO” to generate profits to fund the above activities through paid consultancy and/or sales referrals to teams that build custom DAOs or provide paid support for DAOs and Aragon apps.

@joeycharlesworth had some ideas around this regarding Expert Networks and it’s been mentioned in the StrategyWG calls that more research into DAO business models is essential for current and future Aragon teams to succeed.

Starting this thread to discuss how to make all of this happen :slight_smile:

FTR there’s a few teams already working on similar endeavors, however there is no clear business model (that I know of) for these teams to connect their consult services to paying customers and/or earn sales referrals.

Summarizing and sharing a conversation between @Amazongirl and I around creating a DAO and/or business model for paid DAO consultants. We’d like to design an efficient and scalable sales funnel to onboard projects that want to start using Aragon DAOs. This will help more DAO curious projects convert into projects that actually use Aragon DAOs.

  • There’s currently a huge gap between those who understand DAOs and those who are curious about DAOs. Many projects would like to decentralize their operations and governance, but don’t know how. These projects are also real businesses and they don’t have time to dig through dozens of forum posts. A DAO dedicated to onboarding projects to use Aragon DAOs could help. This would allow more teams to use DAOs to empower their organizations.
  • Currently experienced Aragon teams are doing this work, but we don’t have the bandwidth to scale these types of operations as the network grows. Having a DAO dedicated to these functions would be incredibly helpful, esp because the goal of the AA is to decentralize itself as much as possible.
  • The first step would be to draft a whitepaper for the DAO design. We could then dogfood the model. Hopefully other teams will do so as well. As we try stuff out we can update the model accordingly.
  • The DAO would have members (consultants) who scout deals and/or get leads from the Aragon community. Aragon community members would get rewards for sending the DAO deals. The DAO would have a system to assign deals to members. Members would then charge a flat fee for basic services such as explaining the DAO templates in the Aragon App Store and helping clients make a decision as to which is best for them. If clients have extra questions or needs the DAO and/or member could negotiate a deal for additional work or services. This might involve more consulting and/or premium services such as working with lawyers to understand legal implications, getting insurance for the DAO, or getting premium developer support for the DAO to make sure it’s always up to date. Regardless of the premium services, the client would have a single point of contact to manage all of those things.
  • The DAO referral process should have a system behind it. Otherwise leads will just go to the most popular members. This will create a power law distribution that does not incentivize new members to contribute and also skews results towards popularity rather than skill. To guard against this a system (could be public or private) that ranks members could be created. It would measure key metrics such as conversion rates, deals closed, and availability/response times. This would prioritize consultants who are either very experienced or immediately available. The default would be that the system sends deals to consultants, but clients could also select the members they want. This would allow consultants to source their own deals and/or get their own referrals from current customers or community members.

The mechanics of all of this would have to be ironed out, but in general this seems like a promising path forward. The next step is to gather feedback and draft ideas into a workable model. That’s where you come in! What do you think? Do you like it? Does it suck? Let us know :slight_smile:

The things we are the most interested in are:

  • Help designing and pricing a basic onboarding package that meets the needs of many organizations.
  • Ideas or preferences as to how to optimize the DAO’s workflow.
  • Volunteers who would like to help design the DAO and/or contribute to a pilot project.


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I think besides initial brief feedback, those who contribute their time and skills toward designing this DAO should be compensated.

I value everyone’s time.

This is why I would like to help create a model where people’s time and skills are rewarded and they are incentivized to add the most value to Aragon.

There is a baseline where every consultant gets fixed compensation but there is no upper cap on their earnings potential. This compensation comes from client revenue and not from the Aragon treasury or a grants funding pool.