DANGER : Ooki DAO === Aragon?

This is very worrying, so Aragon and all dao also have the same risk?

As far as i understand they were breaking the law and using DAO as a way to defend and ignore those laws. Would be quite different to Aragon.

yes , ok , but this proves that dao can be hit as a single entity , while we know that a dao has no leader , and must be unstoppable , this judgment shows the opposite

Thanks for dropping in @utente01. Yes was an interesting case. Not a lawyer, but I have spent a fair bit of time on this.

It is an interesting problem; I am not sure that all DAOs have to be unstoppable from the beginning; they can grow into it at the right stage in their journey. If a DAO is doing a regulated activity, then they should look to wrap the entity or the participants, e.g. something similar to what Aragon has done, and wrap the holders. The Aragon DAO is wrapped in a Swiss association with wANT holders being members, so they have protection.

Once the DAO is sufficiently decentralised, they can look to drop the wrappers. However, using DAOs to avoid regulations does not seem like a smart move, as then you get the result of Ooki DAO, where every holder is liable under a general partnership.

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