🀠 CRRDAO Nominations Thread

I just fount tool-kit and these examples. I came here to nominate @sembrestels but you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: honestly though, this is Truly Awesome!


Nominating @Aaron for putting together the OpenFi => DeFi with Agent workflow and presentation, then going around EthLondon with a mobile projector giving mini workshops!

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Thanks, @burrrata. The micro projector ended up staying in the bag. in the end, I found it easier to just open the laptop and just walk through it.

once I get some sleep, ill do a write up of Eth London and my takeaways


For the OpenFi => DeFi initiative, I suggest that Aragon join the REN Alliance.

REN is bringing BTC into DeFi and many defi projects have signed up for the REN Alliance already.

Joining REN Alliance and their joint marketing efforts will help Aragon gain visibility in the defi space and onboard more defi clients who can use Aragon DAOs.

I’ll start a new thread for this.

Hope u had a blast @Aaron! :yum:

Nominating @sembrestels for the Aragon Toolkit Examples!