🤠 CRRDAO Nominations Thread

Nominating @HankLuangxay for engaging with the community and resurfacing lots of important questions and issues. Please provide an Ethereum address you would like to be added to the CRDAO for your allocations.

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Thank you @burrrata.


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Added to the CRRDAO address book. Please double check that the addresses are correct :slight_smile:

The CRDAO is based off of the 1Hive nominations model. This model is possible because of the Open Enterprise apps developed by Autark. As such, nominating @lkngtn from 1Hive and @stellarmagnet from Autark for your work to make this possible. Without you, the CRDAO would not exist, so thank you :cowboy_hat_face:

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Going through the forum to organize stuff and resurface awesome ideas. @Mouyou has contributed many gems that have simply been lost in the shuffle. Also, @Mouyou has done tons of great work to help discover and organize information about the Aragon ecosystem and Aragon DAOs in the Wild.As a result, nominating @Mouyou again for all the work done to contribute awesome ideas to the community :slight_smile:

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Just want to give another shoutout to @Mouyou for all the awesome work on sharing ideas and documenting basic data about Aragon stuff :slight_smile:

I would like to nominate @burrrata for his ability to empower community members through his curiosity and respectful questioning.

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Nominating @lkngtn and @maria for all the research that is being done about how to map a DAO with a legal entity wrapper so we have a way to use Aragon in the “Real World”


Nominating @fabriziovigevani and @rperez89 for their :fire: work on the Aragon Court Dashboard


Nominating @sembrestels for services to the CFDAO and generally being awesome

also shouting out @Amazongirl for a very cool proposal


Thanks Aaron! So thrilled you like it!!!

Thanks also for linking to my proposal…:grin:

Thanks @Aaron! You are pretty awesome too!

I’m curious, which @Amazongirl proposal? It is not properly linked and I would like read it :laughing:

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Sure…here is the link to my proposal:
Test the Viability of DAO Consultants

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Really cool proposal! Thanks for your involvement in this @Amazongirl!

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@lkngtn, @maria, @fabriziovigevani, and @sembrestels what’s the best Ethereum addresses to add to the the CRRDAO Address Book for the next allocation?

Sure! My ethereum address for ANT is 0xf632Ce27Ea72deA30d30C1A9700B6b3bCeAA05cF. Thanks for taking care of CRDAO!

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Haven’t heard from you guys so you’re not in the latest CRRDAO vote. If you’d like to be in the next one, however, please post an Ethereum address you’d like added to the CRRDAO.

Nominating @sembrestels for all the awesome work on Conviction Voting, Apiary, and 1Hive in general :honeybee:


Helped the MetaGame team (part of the MetaCartel family) with their Aragon DAO today. It was not easy. Nominating @Aaron for wrangling the CLI for hours while it produced equally frustrating and vague error messages :muscle: :snake:


Hey, sorry for the delayed reply. My Ethereum address is 0x60a9372862bD752CD02D9AE482F94Cd2fe92A0Bf. Thank you!

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