🤠 CRRDAO Nominations Thread

Hey everyone :cowboy_hat_face:

The Community Rewards Rinkeby DAO (CRRDAO) is now live!

If you you’re not sure what the CRDAO is we recommend the following resources:

As per this membership thread the first CRDAO members are @Aaron, @burrrata, and @jayalaves. We will be test driving the CRDAO process over the next few weeks on Rinkeby. If all goes well we will then upgrade to mainnet. Token balances on the CRRDAO will be honored in the genesis of the mainnet CRDAO.

Ok great, but how does one earn community rewards? You get nominated! This thread is the first Aragon community nominations thread. It is modeled after the 1Hive Keybase #nominations channel. The rules are pretty simple:

  • If you know someone who did something cool, drop a comment in this thread telling us who, what, when, where, and why. Please @ the person so they are aware of the nomination.
  • Anyone is welcome to nominate anyone else, but do not nominate yourself.
  • If you are nominated please reply with an Ethereum address you would like to be added to the CRRDAO. We will then map your Aragon forum username to that address in the Autark Address Book app on the CRRDAO. This will make you eligible to receive community rewards in the weekly allocations.

CRRDAO members will review nominations and use Autark’s dot voting app to allocate a weekly budget towards nominees. Happy nominating!


I’m nominating @mcormier for his consistency in helping the community in #dev-help on Arachat.

I’ve seen him work really hard to help out community members with dev related problems, not only in channel but also in private chats (he has spent hours helping me debug my little projects for sure :sweat_smile:)

He is a real credit to the community!


Hey thanks a lot Aaron! :slight_smile: Always a pleasure helping you out.


@mcormier Thanks for all your excellent work supporting the Aragon community :slight_smile:

What’s the best Ethereum address to use for you in the CRRDAO?

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0x6E14E589477AA08d139D55a871535c0579B1BB84 :pray:

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I’m nominating @bingen and @facuspagnuolo for their amazing work getting Aragon Court to completion and shipping v1.0 three weeks ahead of schedule!


@bingen @facuspagnuolo can you post an ETH address please :slight_smile:


Offtopic: shouldn’t the title for this be CRDAO instead of CRRDAO?

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Community Rewards Rinkeby DAO (CRRDAO).

This is the Rinkeby test, so added an extra R.

If that’s confusing, however, happy to change it :slight_smile:

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I should have read the OP :slight_smile:

0xd5931f0a36FE76845a5330f6D0cd7a378401e34d :hugs:





The first CRRDAO nominations dot vote is live! :cowboy_hat_face:

Nominating @Amazongirl for diligently yet enthusiastically exploring and engaging with the Aragon community. Really appreciate the inspiration and ideas on how we can better incentivize collaboration and development around community projects :cowboy_hat_face:

@Amazongirl What Ethereum address would you like added to the CRRDAO so that you can be eligible for nominations?


Wow. I’m blushing. Thanks @burrrata! :sweat_smile:
My ETH address: 0xA1BAaEeCb73ED3b2d2c6c87E3608a7f131baCE5a

Now I have to go read what a CRRDAO Nomination means…lol.

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Congratulations! You’ve been added to the CRRDAO address book. Please double check to make sure that the information is correct.

Looks good! :blush:

Nominating @mouyou for all his great ideas about potential apps and how we can improve the ecosystem :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you add a ETH address @mouyou


thats nice. It would be nice if i could link a eth address to my aragon forum profile. and if i have certain coins i can access certain threads

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Is there a website with all the important links for the CRDAO / CRRDAO ?

I don’t know where to see all the votes going on and where the ANT coming from which CRDAO can distribute.

A website with all the necessary information would be nice. Is it possible that a DAO can hold a Domain?

Also this website could have Aragon Tutorials and when users learning Aragon they get rewarded with ANT :slight_smile: And every community member can create Tutorials and for each user how accomplish a tutorial the creator of the Tutorials gets a % of the reward.

Also how many Aragon Community DAOs are out there and what are the nemes + links?

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