Cross-chain Agent PoC

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This proposal is to signal support for individuals or teams to work on a proof of concept for “cross-chain agent” functionality, it is not suggesting a specific implementation or team but simply expressing interest and encouraging qualified teams to consider the problem and potentially make a separate funding proposal to execute.

The desired functionality would look something like this:

An Aragon organization on Chain A passes a vote to perform a transaction on chain B over a bridge capable of passing arbitrary messages. For example an organization wants to use to manage an ipfs based website or app, they pass a vote on xDai and use the cross-chain agent to purchase an ENS domain and interact with the ENS contract to set the content of the their domain.

Currently, I’m aware of POA Networks Arbitrary Message Bridge, and ChainSafe’s ChainBridge which would likely be a useful foundation for building this.

Proposal Rationale
Recently we have seen a number of organizations choose to deploy or migrate on alternative EVM compatible chains including xdai and idchain, and with Aragon Chain on the horizon the ability for organizations to control an Agent on a different chain would make for some really interesting possibilities. This functionality would enable organizations to hold funds, interact with arbitrary contracts, hold NFTs, on Ethereum while doing voting and other high volume activity on a less congested chain where transaction fees will be much much lower.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Unsure, but would expect that a rough proof of concept might be feasible to complete in the timeframe of a few weeks.