Create a help to organize festivals

Hi, I have the idea of a DAO that helps communities to organize and fund festivals. I have organized some festivals and concerts and I know how the things works but I haven’t find the right tools make it decentralized. I want to give power to the people to be able to trust each other and give them a economical incentive to run a festival. I was thinking that a DAO like Moloch would be ideal for setting up a goal and a colony for executing this goal.

Do you thing that aragon has a different solution to offer?

I am setting up a forum to discuss more about this project here ->
It is still under construction but if anyone wants to help or ask anything would be really happy to connect

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Hey @Npizza :slight_smile:

First, cool name. Second, sorry for the extremely delayed response.

If I understand correctly, you’re looking to help communities organize and fund festivals. This might include things like raising funds for operations, selling tickets and merch, and voting on lineups and locations. Is that right?

Moloch can definitely help with collective capital allocation and colony can help reputation based decision making. Curious, did you end up using either of these solutions? If not, or if you want to explore your options, Aragon has replicated a lot of the functionality of MolochDAO (versions 1 and 2) on Aragon with Dandelion Orgs. We’re also exploring reputation models with the Comittees app and CreDAO. Happy to discuss these solutions and more if you have any questions.

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Hey Sorry for the delay! I missed the notification :confused:
The project is on hold because of COVID19 but still working on other projects on the space.
Hope soon to start working in this project again :smiley:

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