🤠 CRDAO Questions

@Mouyou Responding to your questions in the CRDAO Nominations Thread here.

This thread has the latest and greatest information on the CRDAO. When we migrate to mainnet we will create a more detailed post with the final structure and protocol for the CRDAO. For now, however we are on Rinkeby so it’s still a WIP.

That’s because we’re still on Rinkeby so we’re not using real ANT atm.

It is, but that requires purchasing an ENS domain, setting up a website, and then maintaining and updating that website. It would be awesome if DAOs could own their own assets, but that is not a reality today. There is still a large gap between what we expect from web2 platforms/tools and what web3 has to offer.

So something like Coinbase Earn, but for Aragon? If so, that’s a cool idea. It’s also an idea that would require a lot of work to build, market, and maintain. If you want to do that work I’d suggest creating a CFDAO proposal to get started.

Great question! At the moment the CFDAO and CRDAO are the only Aragon DAOs that are built by and for this community on the forum. There are, however, lots more community related Aragon DAOs in the world. Would be great to have an App library mega thread, but for DAOs instead of apps. Again, if you want to make that happen I would highly recommend creating a CFDAO proposal to get started.

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Before applying for funds I want to create a wordpress site where I want to curate and categorize the Aragon Ecosystem like Tutorials, DAOs, Sites, Apps & Teams. So I would take the infos from the mega Threads and put it into the site. In wordpress I recognize it is possible to give people roles so they can help me / the DAO to curate the site if they like and you can see who did what in wordpress. Then we can attach an Aragon DAO to it where each member earn tokens based on the work s/he did. those token are there for voting on how to distribute the funds the DAO got from the CRDAO to the DAO members. This is my rough idea but before that i just want to trie it out.

Is there a place where I can ask for feedback if i have something to show?

What about AragonCoop?

Sounds cool, but would require maintenance and upkeep. How much of that work do you think would be possible here on the forum?

The CRDAO has a very specific focus and purpose. If you wanted a DAO to manage a website you would need to create a new one.

This forum is the best place to share ideas and projects to get community feedback.

Inactive and sunset

I can imagine that the hole curation could be done here in the Forum. I would then take this curated information and structure this into the website with little bit more information around it.

Yes I was thinking creating a DAO for this Website so it perhaps can get rewards from CRDAO if the WebsiteDAO does something valuable for the community.

I was searching for all the Events all over the world where Aragon participated and will participate. Is there a forum for this?

This is the only official Aragon community forum. Don’t know of any specifically related to events, but created an Events category so that we can start to organize that information :slight_smile:

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Thinking about this more. Is your goal here to create a directory or 1 stop shop for everything Aragon related? If so, how would this be different from aragon.org?

nice. Is there a Aragon DAO Thread where I can find all Aragon DAOs? It would be nice the have a new category here in the forum called Curation where the App thread, DAO Thread, Event Thread, Site Thread, and so on are there so people can easily find them

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It is a website which links to aragon.org. It is just more simple overview. Here the link to the wordpress site i made https://daoplay.mylife.plus/wp/

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This is not, but there should be. Create a new category called Aragon DAOs where each thread can have information on different Aragon DAOs that are live in the world. The high level post is a wiki that can be updated by the community, and then discussion can happen in the thread. Does that sound good?

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Wow this is really cool :slight_smile: I’m super stoked that this exists!

Out of curiosity, how much do you want this to be it’s own site and/or how much would you be open to curating this data on the forum?

I did the site because for me i find stuff faster and its better structured and better categorized and looks nicer and so on. the forum is nice as well if structured well with tags so on. For me its not that much more work to put infos into the site. I think if you have a post for every app / dao i can easily link the aragon forum post to the site post. I think for people who are not into aragon and the forum a easy structured site is not that scary. This site is more for people who want to get an overview what is there in the aragon ecosystem.

What is your opinion?

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Sounds good. I was thinking that you have #Community then #Curation and then you have #DAOs ; #Sites; #Events; #Apps etc. So it’s easy to find. And also each post within the categories have tags for example App “Payroll” in #Community #Curation #Apps Tag:Finance

A simple website with a high level overview of things would be great. The thing with a website, however, is that it’s harder for people to contribute to as a shared resource. If we were to create wikis on the forum with info on relevant stuff, then allow the community to update those wikis and have conversations about them, that could be cool. I’ve started both an Aragon DAOs category and an Aragon Apps category for this. If you wanted to contribute that would be awesome and I’d be happy to help however I can :slight_smile:

Yes I agree. The forum is the best place to curate stuff and discuss stuff. Sometimes it feels little bit messy for me, but I think the forum can be very nice structured and make it obsolet for my site to exist.

What do you think about creating a thread teams like the site: https://daoplay.mylife.plus/wp/teams/ so i can port everything to the forum? and also tutorials ? and sites? https://daoplay.mylife.plus/wp/sites/

But I think this could become pretty spammy over time. What about creating a forum which is linked to the aragon Main forum so having multiple forums connecting to aragon forum? I can imagine having the Curation Forum which is linked to the Aragon Forum and the curation forum is linking all DAO forums to the aragon forum through the curation forum? One login for all forums / one profile for all forums / one Aragon ID to all sites.

Is it possible to create a sub-Forum not a category. so I have one aragon Profile and I can subscribe to different sub-Forums ? And those forums can talk to each other so for example if there is a DAO Forum A and DAO Forum B and then there is the Curation DAO Forum then the information form DAO Forum A and DAO Forum B can be automatically update the Curation DAO Forum.

I can also imagine having a nice user interfaces for the curation DAO forum which looks more like a website / App then a Forum. Would this be possible as well?

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Yeah totally. The forum is a mess, which is unfortunate, but Discourse has tons of awesome features that can help improve that. Digging into what this might look like so that it’s easier to find and engage with information here. Open to any and all suggestions you have on how we could improve things :slight_smile:

Teams have their own websites so they’re probably good to go. The tutorials page, however, would be awesome! Created a Getting Started category for this, but we can rename it if there’s a better name.

Too complicated. Let’s start by just creating categories and sub-categories so that everything is organized. That way everyone’s on the same page.

Sure I know i was just thinking it could be helpful to have a list of Flock & Nest Teams so people can find them easily and know what they did for Aragon and how much they got and then can ask comment like the DAOs in the wild category.

Also what about having a category for Sites which are related to Aragon like those https://daoplay.mylife.plus/wp/sites/ so people can find them more easily ?

Like this?

great thats perfect :slight_smile: and what do you think about the teams?

I was also thinking about adding a Bounty to CRDAO so there we could have CRDAO bounties like for example : adding new DAOs to DAOs in the wild gives you 15 ANT (≈30min per post 10$ per hour)

And then you have under each bounty post people who add what they did for review. for example i would go to #CRDAO --> #Bounties to the Thread “add new DAOs to the wild” and enter:

Name: Mouyou
Eth Address: 9879079087
Completed Bounties: link of the post

This post then can be reviewed and when accepted s/he will get the ANT and the admin put a :white_check_mark: next to the link or a rejected :x: with an explanation

Name: Mouyou
Eth Address: 9879079087
Completed Bounties: link of the post :white_check_mark:

Again, teams have their own sites, chats, and resources. It’s much easier for us and users to just point to the team’s sites vs maintaining that information here. What’s interesting about teams, however, is the stuff they build. That’s why in the Aragon Apps category template there’s a place to add information about the teams if people want to learn more or ask questions. If you think this section could/should be expanded feel free to start a thread to discuss expanding the Aragon App threads template.

In the future we might explore a DAO for more structured community support. Atm, however, this is not the focus of the CRDAO. The CRDAO exists to reward and recognize cool stuff that happened in the past. The coolness needs to happen, then the CRDAO can recognize and reward it. It’s retroactive.

The CFDAO, however, is forward looking. You can make a proposal for something and ANT holders can vote to support it. Anyone can make a proposal and no proposal is too humble to be considered :slight_smile: