what about creating Aragon memes on and then reward community members with aragon memes on top of the other rewards. like medals for user who get elected often like

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@Mouyou You are one of the most creative people on this forum and a big asset to this community! :grin:

Another community growth initiative could be to do what Kyber is doing. Hold at least 50 KNC and receive an Axie NFT which you can HODL or trade on OpenSea. Same thing could be done with ANT.

I’m actually thinking about buying 50 KNC just so I can receive the Axie collectible!

Thank you for always being on top of the trends and working hard to keep Aragon relevant and exciting!!! :smiley:

thats nice thank you.
I would like to see all those decentralized games be interconnected through an interface like decentraland, so i can discover other games by playing a game and somehow those games share EP, NFTs, Exchange etc. Would be nice to have an Aragon game which is empowering Aragon DAOs, so by playing the game you experience how to interact with a DAO. for example a village game where every village is a DAO and people can joine the village and manage funds together to evolve the village to a city and then cities can collaborate to become republics all on a testnet so it doesn’t cost money to vote or do action in the DAO /blockchain so everyone can experiance the DAO / Game

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Absolutely love it!!! It’s a playful and fun way to navigate the Aragon universe.

I do agree that Aragon has been too stodgy and rigid in the past and it needs to lighten up its image.

@Mouyou Do you know anyone who could build such a game for Aragon? Aragon could purchase some virtual parcels from Decentraland or Cryptovoxels and users could visit the parcels to interact with Aragon’s games!

I know some pretty strong developers but not sure they do games…

Sounds like you’re describing MetaGame lol

I don’t know anyone who has time for free to do this kind of stuff.

thanks. yes I know this game, but this is based on real world. I was thinking about pure fiction based on reality more like civilization & Sims. But actually it can be any online game where people get used in voting and making decisions together. So people get used to democracy / liquid democracy and make somehow democracy / voting fun & exiting. could also be mini games no idea. just games that represent the concept of DAOs and forking and democracy and funds and put it all together into a fictional fun game to get used to DAOs. don’t have to be on the ethereum blockchain even just on a private chain for education purpose. It could be that people who play the game can decide how to evolve the game the more you play the more governance tokens you get. at the beginning no one / everyone can decide because its open source everyone can fork it. as soon as the game launches everyone has the same chance to earn tokens. no pre-mine. proof of play.

Eeveryone is its own player but in order to create a village you need to join with at least on other player. By joining or creating a village you put your game credits together and now you can build buildings which get funded by both players (fund). Each village has its own governance token. With game credits you can buy resources , build stuff etc. Then bots (citizen) work in the village and you earn more game credits. You can evolve the village to a city join other villages etc. to become a city at least 5 payers need to have each more than 10% of the village governance tokens. The goal of the game is to evolve the game itself to a space game. by earning game credits the player will mine game governance tokens which is there to evolve the game itself. only game credits can be sold and traded governance tokens are not transferable only the player/ account itself can be sold.

player can also play citizens and create their own homes like sims.

the game is called “nothing”



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You’re literally describing the MetaGame roadmap lol

Also, totally agree that this would be awesome!

Highly recommend dropping into the MetaChat to share these ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi, these ideas are great. Why would you not want it to be a real game though ?

Why put all this effort into creating a game and getting people involved to build a new society together and not have a plan to cross over into real world?

Full disclosure I’m one of the creators of MetaGame. We are actually already running an Aragon DAO and onboarding people into it with the help of @burrrataand other Aragon One team members.

I would love to see your energy and ideas infused directly into MetaGame we are very open to new players “going rogue” as we call it, jump into our discord for a chat sometime I think you’ll like what you find :metal:t3:


where is the roadmap?
MetaGame is a fusion of social media and free-lancing platforms inspired by role playing games. This doesn’t sound exactly the same for me. this game could be build on top of meta game. Metagame could be the freelancer plattform to build this fiction game “nothing”

i thought metagame is a game for DAOs to coordinate DAOs. I am thinking about a game which is fiction. How would you describe Metagame and how is it similar to my or the whatever idea?

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We can only get so far describing things with hand wavey generalities. It’s like riding a bike, you kind of just have to do it, then you know. The best way to understand MetaGame is to play MetaGame. Your first quest awaits :octopus:

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Hey there @Mouyou,

Brady here from district0x. I’m doing various contests for creators who may not familiar with crypto, Aragon, Meme Factory, etc.

Current events are the Pictosis contest for Status:

Another ongoing initiative I do is the Meme Factory contests:

This way new people can get a little ETH from to start using the Ethereum right away without having to buy any.

I am starting some other initiatives as well that I think you may be interested in. Please do drop by the community some time to chat:

I am always open to support people with interesting ideas that support the artists and educate or reward people.

Perfect build “nothing” on top of MetaGame, we gladly await your entry to the game :slight_smile:

@Mouyou I think @Yalor has challenged you to choose your own adventure :wink:

Metagame is a choose your own adventure ARG (from my view). There really should be no specific intended outcomes in an ARG of that nature. That is if it’s to be shaped by the community. It can be in a game you develop, it could be in VR, the real world, on a forum, and even across multiple platforms or DAOs. These things are really up to you. If I understand the aims on Metagame that is. :sunglasses:

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@Mouyou Glad to see so many avenues for you to express your creative talents…go for it!

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Sandbox presale #3 to start. :grin:

it will be proof of play so no premine just like bitcoin but the difference no finite supply so everyone will earn the same amount of tokens for their work/play the did.