🤠 CRDAO Applications and Community Review

CRDAO Applications and Community Review

If you you’re not sure what the CRDAO is we recommend the following resources:

Applications for CRDAO are now open!

The CRDAO is ready to onboard the first cohort of members. As of right now we are opening membership applications to the Aragon community!

Membership criteria for the CRDAO is designed to be inclusive. We welcome contributors and encourage a diverse set of members to apply. The criteria for membership are as follows:

  • Active: members must be currently engaged with the Aragon community via the Aragon Forum, Arachat, or Aragon GitHub repos.
  • Engaged: members must engage in CRDAO governance. This includes, but is not limited to attending meetings, voting, and participating in nominations.
  • Constructive: members must have a history of constructive contributions to the Aragon community.

Applications for the initial CRDAO cohort will be open for 1 week starting now. If you feel like you meet these criteria please apply by commenting in this thread. Your application should include:

  • An Ethereum address you would like to use for the CRDAO.
  • Why you think you would make a good CRDAO member.


Once the intiial cohort of CRDAO members are determined, we will test the CRDAO on Rinkeby. This will give the community a chance to review the DAO permissions. This trial will also give CRDAO members and the Aragon community a chance to suggest improvements to the CRDAO process. The CRDAO trial will last 2 weeks.

Assuming the trial period is successful and we want to move forward, @aaron and @burrrata will deploy the mainnet CRDAO. At this time ANT nominations from the CRDAO trial will be reflected on mainnet. This means that if you earn nomination rewards during the trail, those rewards will be awarded to you in the genesis of the mainnet CRDAO.


The CRDAO is designed to be lightweight and fun. We want to reward active community members for their contributions to the Aragon community. It is expected that CRDAO members are already be engaged with the Aragon community, and thus in an excellent position to asses nominations. Beyond that, the expectations of CRDAO members are as follows:

  • contribute to CRDAO discussions
  • vote in CRDAO membership votes
  • vote in weekly CRDAO allocations
  • attend any CRDAO meetings (we expect these to be minimal)

Community Review

Behold! The CRDAO…

The CRDAO is now live on Rinkeby!

Community members are invited to inspect and audit the DAO. Please let us know if you find anything that is amiss or could be improved.

Once the first cohort of CRDAO members are on-boarded to the Rinkeby CRDAO, Admin1(@aaron) will relinquish mint permissions on the token manager. For convenience Admin1 will keep permissions to add members to the Address Book, but removal of names will require a vote from CRDAO members.


The main chat for the CRDAO is #crdao on Arachat.

We will also create a forum category for nominations. Every week a new thread will be created in this category to track nominations. This will make it easy for CRDAO members to review nominations for a given week and allocate rewards to the Aragon community.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement please don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:


Hey @Aaron, I would be interested to be part of the initial cohort of members! Some reasons why:

  • My role as Product Designer at Autark has provided me with invaluable knowledge over Aragon and its apps, I’ve grown caring over this ecosystem and want to see it thrive
  • Many of the CRDAO processes and principles lie at the heart of the aims behind Open Enterprise, encouraging more democratic, participatory, co-creative organizations. I think this will be a phenomenal experiment for the Aragon community and I want to learn as much from it as possible
  • I’m familiarized with 1Hive and its nomination process; I recently contributed to related projects
  • Despite not posting much, I’ve been an active reader of this forum for nearly half a year :slight_smile:

My address would be: 0x5420898CD96682090f962D5b30909a6Dfa2B6e6b


@jayalaves Congratulations! You’re the first CRDAO member in the first cohort. Exciting times. We will reach out with details to set up the DAO :slight_smile:



sorry I’ve missed this, hope there is still chance in participate here (thought the keybase was more active, now I realize it’s the Aragon chat…).

I’d be a good CRDAO member because:

  • I have proven to be active, engaged and constructive in the Aragon community.
  • I’ve been spreading the word of Aragon in different crypto communities.
  • I consider myself to have a good criteria about user needs in regards to what it means reaching good governance paradigms and tools.
  • I’m a continuous learning guy! And my prefer way to do it is learning by doing.

here my address: 0x6543c99d0e073c140Fd08A741c6cfdcd1449da94

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Thanks for your interest @sepu85! we will onboard new members once we migrate to the mainnet DAO, this should be in a few weeks. In the meantime you can still participate by nominating community members and signaling the best nominations with likes

Hey guys,

Very enthusiastic about the CRDAO initiative. I’d love to become a member.

Why I think my application could be valuable:

  • I’m an active community member and will be conscientious with the process
  • I want to put my time in initiatives that give more weight to the community

Currently in Aragon we have grant recipients working full-time on the one hand and volunteer community members on the other. There is still a chasm to bridge between the two. A whole contributor experience to design. CRDAO will help do that. For Aragon to become a DAO we need a lot more initiatives like this!

Any question on my application is welcome.

Ethereum address: 0xCD29d705A7Fa54FDA87E462F42d7741217D8B60c


Hey again everyone :cowboy_hat_face:

The first CRDAO (test) nomination is live! (on Rinkeby) Very exciting times.

With this excitement have come more requests for membership. We’re going to open up membership applications again from now until the nominations vote closes (about 6 days). Then we’ll onboard the second cohort of CRDAO members.

We may or may not continue this trend throughout the Rinkeby testing process, but for now if you want to apply please do!

Hi everyone!

I am really excited to see this happening in the aragon community, and a i would love to be a member.

I have been engaged with Aragon for a long time but only from the developer side, now i want to start to be more active in other activities of the community.

I think that i could be a good member because we have been using this process in 1Hive since we started and i am very used to this model.

Any question on my application is welcome.

Ethereum address: 0xdf8f53B9f83e611e1154402992c6F6CB7Daf246c