Core DAO Operations - Funding proposal

Thanks for the conditional support. The request is reasonable and we will take guidance from the ESD on the appropriate split. We also want to get ANT in hands of contributors, but recognise the cost consequences of this split are essentially borne by the contributors which becomes increasingly hard to justify while ANT remains tied to Layer 1. We have allocated a bounty for analysis of how we might activate an alternative chain such as Polygon for payments, and hope this person can work closely with the ESD to find a solution


Regarding request 1 - Thoe funds are for creating the board, or already for some of its Bounties?

On top of that, would be good to have an idea of what are the CORE bounties that we expect this request to deliver. Meaning, if at least those are completed, we consider the overall initiative to have succeeded.

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Thanks Ramon!

On point one -

These are for the bounties included in the board at inception. There is one bounty within the board that has been assigned as bounty Board setup and maintenance of the bounty board.
On point two -

In my opinion if we manage to allocate xx% of the bounties within this would be a success. I don’t think we should not be chasing specific bounties as we also want the best individuals to take them on and provide there expertise which may take more time on certain bounties. Happy to hear thoughts from others on what success may look like.

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Thanks for the proposal team.
@AlexClay sorry I still don’t quite understand your response to Ramon. So the 16.3k are for the already assigned and unassigned bounties on the board, one of which is the creation of the board? It’s not adding up for me mathematically?

Furthermore I really agree with Ramon that it would be nice to have some scope to these bounties. We can easily still keep it flexible.

I think it’s REALLY important that data is gathered so the project/community can create some precedent to work off of as we move forward. Especially as members come and go who may be leading certain initiatives. Otherwise confusion will ensue as proposals are created, bounties created and completed, etc. i.e. cost, time, skill, requirements, output, success, etc.

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No problem, the majority of the bounties are per week and there are some that are multiple individuals eg two individuals being paid $100 per week to manage telegram. This should add up to 16.3k for phase one.

On data, we will have different metrics for each of the bounties, as each will be different and can report on them based on the work being completed eg using telegram as an example again the bounty states: Spend an hour a day in Telegram providing moderation and coordinating with other teams to get answers. Probably add a few (5-10) comments each day to drive the conversation. Run social media campaigns. This example will provide 3 measurable metrics of the bounty that can then be merged in to a full report on all bounties that have been paid out in say that month. I will let others comment on the metrics and tracking that can be included as well.

Hope this helps


Agree @Anthony.Leuts

I’m happy to help where I can in this first sprint for developing success and performance metrics around specific bounties. Given this is only six weeks I feel like measuring community involvement as a % of bounty uptake is a solid measure of success.

Guiding life quote

“…for the things we need to learn before we do them, we learn by doing…” Aristotle

And given this is a community project would be great for contributors taking up bounties to be involved in the metrics conversation. Provided this is a conversation at the outset of each bounty, by the end of six weeks the team should have the data requested.

I think there’s a pattern here in my responses to ESD funding requests - that contributors should be involved and rewarded for participating in the development of DAO process’ as that is how we get to agreed strategic alignment.


I am really happy to read this proposal which goes in the correct direction of onboarding new talent with precise tasks.

The content of the bounties can be easily find on the notion page (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.). They all seem very useful for the AN DAO. And I am sure that new talent and new forms of committment will tremendously augment the output and the value of our community.

Thanks a lot to the proponents for the time spent in preparing the proposal. It seems particularly noteworthy to me that @b3n @AlexClay @Tayy and @lion917 have acted without setting an amount for the organizational aspects of the operations connected to the bounties. Even if the amount of work will be huge!


This is going to change a lot of things and get the ball rolling quickly in the right direction eliminating a lot of friction.

The only thing I did not take away from this is how/where can someone from the community follow up on its status, output, success.


We hope so. Re other metric related requests above, we have a bounty specific to metrics which we hope will advance our ability to provide evidence of progress and learning for others. For the duration of the 6 weeks under the funding request, we will provide a bi-weekly report on status/completion as part of approving payments


I love the proposal and will wholeheartedly support it if there is enough budget across Main DAO and ESD budget that is not already committed to approved proposals (@AlexClay can we get a confirmation on this)


@fartunov I can confirm there is budget available in the ESD for the full proposal.

Reference: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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Hey, I can see there is about $160k spear across Main DAO and ESD.
Is all of that going from the Main DAO into ESD and how much of that is not committed to proposals that are going to be completed (If I understand correctly the deployment of Court on Arbitrum was approved but will not be executed)?

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I am good with that answer, considering there are quite a few $100 bounties, and paying in ANT or a split for such amounts feels taxing on contributors. For larger amounts the split makes sense and I am happy with the proposal team to make the call on where it makes sense to split or not.

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Contingent on ESD having enough funds that are not committed to already approved proposals I am in support

@lee0007 what’s your final verdict?
@daniel-ospina your thoughts?

Strong support for this proposal.



I am writing to check if the proposal is still open. We would love to offer a solution to this.


Just for future reference for the team here @Anthony.Leuts you might like this too KPI Sub-DAO Structure — pet3rpan

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Wonderful, thank you! @lee0007

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Based on 2/3 support from @fartunov & @lee0007 we will start to execute on the work outlined in the proposal. Not sure what else is needed from ESD side to schedule the payment to multisig, but if you need to confer with @daniel-ospina I’d ask this happens soon to support first payment exactly 2 weeks from initiation (which will be today)

this proposal counts with 2/3 support from ESD members which is enough to approve it.
For the record, this proposal does not count with my support for the following reasons:

-it outlines the use of bounties for the community (on to itself a great step) but it does not outline how the bounties or amounts are defined.

  • it requests a very significant budget (to my knowledge above the current treasury of the ESD)

In so doing, the proposal actually centralises existing funds in the hands of staff employed by the Aragon Association. It’s sad to see this approved when there are other routes that would actually empower the community to define it’s own priorities instead of all funds being controlled by the AA.

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