Conversion of ANT V1 to V2

Disclaimer - I know nothing about blockchain. I am here seeking help.

I took advise from some one and purchased some ANT in 2018 and stored in MyEtherwallet. When I took a look at my coins in MyEtherwallet, I noticed that my ANT coin is labled now as ANT OLD.

While I was looking for information on internet, I was directed to ANT Upgrade Portal. Unfortunately, I was not successful in following the steps to convert my ANT V1 to V2.

My issues are as follows.

  1. Did the convesion period ended or still on going?

  2. MyEtherwallet is not one of the wallets listed to be connected. Can I still use MyEtherwallet to convert them or move the coin to one of those listed wallets?

  3. How would I use the provided addresses (V1 and V2) to convert them? I really need the steps required to accomplsh the conversion.

Any help is appreciated. Your patience with me is also appreciated.

I have the same question. If your tokens are on a Ledger, how do you get it off safely to an exchange with this upgrade.