Confoederatio platform

Hello Aragon community!

I’m new in the forum but I became following the project since time ago and designing a project over the Aragon technology.

We are developing an ambicious project based on AragonOS, Confoederatio DTRADE platform. We are a team that became in relation with social economy networks and organical farming cooperatives like background, and we became discussing possible tools for cooperatives and social entities. Since more than a year ago I founded Ecofintech Coop with the aim to work towards it, and step by step, compiling ideas, discussions and synergies we merged in the concept idea of Confoederatio DTRADE platform.

We will present it for Aragon Nest in next days, and we are starting to reach collaborators and partners. You can see more details in our blog. Notice that is still a raw idea, but we are already working with cooperatives and nodes interested in being pilot projects…
Ecofintech Coop is a field work team for guerrilla fintech and we are ready to extend its use and to offer all tools and resources for the participant nodes around the platform on this intersections:

    1. Digital infrastructure: open source, non-proprietary software and hardware tools for digital sovereignty and privacy (Opencomms, Ecophone).
    1. Financial infrastructure: Access channels and cooperative crypto-economic strategies on Blockchain for economic sovereignty (Confoederatio Platform)
    1. Eco-industrial infrastructure: Decentralised, sustainable means of production based on renewable energy resources attracting investment capital to the circular economy, mutual property and the commons. Sovereignty in production and energy consumption (Permastructures).

Thanks for your work!

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