Computational Law and Blockchain Festival Berlin

This year the 2nd edition of the Computational Law and Blockchain Festival will take place in over 40 locations worldwide.

This event is organized in partnership with the MIT Media Lab, Stanford Law School Blockchain Group and Open Law.

We will be organising the Berlin Node on the 26-27 of April 2019 at Full Node and (pending confirmation) Blockchain Embassy that are graciously hosting us.

In order to make this day possible we are in need of sponsorship…however this will not be a usual affair !

We want to experiment with radical new ways of organizing events (fulfilling an old vision). We will thus start this year from a simple implementation.

We wish to showcase the collective intelligence of DAOs with regard to fairness. Thus every attendee will have the right to join an event DAO (any ideas on pre-generating keys/proving attendance would be welcome).

Any DAI contributed to sponsoring will be transferred to the DAO that will decide how the proceeds will be distributed : how much should the organizers and speakers be compensated, how much should be reinvested, given to a charity or simply redistributed to attendees. This will use the Range Voting app provided by That Planning Suite as soon as it becomes available on testnet (projected to be mid-april).

The amount proposed for this experiment is 2500 DAI.

The value for Aragon would be: talk slots open for Aragon One, Autark, and Aragon Black, the Open DAO workshops we will be doing as part of DAO Incubator, showcasing to users the potential of Aragon and Range voting and any ensuing visibility from conducting the unique intiative.

This experiment is intended to play with our notions of altruism, reciprocity and fairness. By aggregating preferences we hope to eliminate individual biases with regards to fairness. If such a system is successful it could be extended to a larger scale : one’s income becoming determined not by the illusion of a self, not by a far removed bureaucratic and political groups, but by those closest to the consequences of one’s work.

We of course do not mean to generalize this society as a whole in this format; it would be too easy to then be taxed an amount our own insular privileged bubble believes is right or to collude in manners that would lead to the under-provision of public goods.

But it’s a first experiment that can lead to more interesting applications of these down the line.

I swear on any “honor” I may have left that any tokens sent to the event address will be used for the following purposes.


Right in the middle of ANV-02. Spicy :sunglasses:

Without getting too complicated I imagine just having a field to enter an Ethereum address in the checkout form where people buy tickets should be good enough.

Using a testnet app with mainnet Dai? Double spicy :smiling_imp:

Just curious, what forum will you be using for DAO members to coordinate outside of the dapp?

We can use this forum thread to add and discuss proposals for fund use, next experimentations will be a good case to test future discussion features :smiley:

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This sounds like a fun use case and I like that an event DAO will be incorporated. It would be interesting to see how people interact with Aragon in this context. I think “fairness” is hard to measure and highly contextual, so it would be worth following up on the experiment with a poll for all involved “Do you think the DAO made fair decisions about how to spend its allocated funds?”


That sounds like a very fair requirement, and could even be a question asked for example to the cooperative DAO to see how varying perceptions are made by different groups i.e here participants on the ground vs “compatriots” of the cooperative

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I just initiated a finance request to fund this proposal forwarding the DAI to a multi-sig DAO for an amount of 1750 DAI for the purposes of this experiment.

Recipient DAO Address: 0xaE23446b7459a0a05fBd344E5C86a133EE81fD11
Finance App adress: 0xc2F19B4A40AdE41d3Fc696b490f999f36E1d3b18
2/3 signatures required with myself, Beth Mccarthy (CLB/Starfish Network)and Cory Dickson (Aragon Black).

Created a TPS Rinkeby DAO (0xC87824e112F593a27e755a6C3DcDA3e415D82971) to implement the following procedure:

  1. Assign 1 governance token to conference attendees that wish to participate
  2. Attendees vote to add recipient addresses to the Address Book App
  3. Add one allocation vote with Rinkeby DAI equal to the main-net DAI request adding addresses from the address book
  4. Conduct a Dot vote to allocate % of the funding to the addresses added to the Address Book (for example organisers, host space, speakers, attendees, charity etc…)

After the allocation is done in Rinkeby DAI, we (the multi-signature DAO key holders) will initiate main-net DAI transfers replicating this result.

I’m super excited to test TPS in a live physical space and experiment with the conference-DAO use case!

Thanks to @stellarmagnet for explaining me the possible work-flow+ the whole TPS team for the release :sunglasses:

EDIT: The CLB has been moved to this Saturday 4th of May 2019


This sounds really exciting!

We are also slipping in minor enhancement before the event to improve the UX so it’s more obvious how much ETH/DAI/tokens/whatever each option gets.

See here:

The unknown unknowns of live demoing struck again! :dizzy_face:
Just as the conference was starting the ENS Registrar update happened and this made DAOs inaccessible for a while.
At the same time (no idea if this is related) Aragon’s Rinkeby node went out of sync.
Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum…so I’m maintaining the funding proposal open and will try again such an experiment in the coming weeks, either in a DAO oriented meetup or the Malta Blockchain Summit if they give me extra time on my talk.
Will keep the community posted! :slight_smile:

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I noticed that this proposal was submitted to the CFDAO and the vote ends in ~4 hours. There are currently no votes and it won’t pass.

Just wanted to bump this for some attention. CFDAO is here

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45mins remaining - still no votes.

Turnout for the CFDAO has been relatively low for previous proposals, but no votes is surprising here! This seems like a case where push notifications could make a big difference, so ANT holders could subscribe to the organizations where they have voting power and get alerted when a vote is open that they can participate in (perhaps with reminders along the way to finalization if they haven’t voted yet).


Number of useful lessons here for applicants too I’d say.

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Definitely lots do improve on my side and how this initiative was pushed! :grinning:
Given such low rate of attention (zero votes), the divergent format of proposals to CFDAO, the repetitive nature of these (only sponsorships for now), and following @Julian amazing post I am joining the CFDAO working group to improve the inner workings of the outer world facing DAO.