Company shareholder structure question

I am new to Aragon and I have a question about how flexible a company set up on Aragon would be with respect to future capital raising. For example, I have limited funds at the beginning and set up a company capitalized at 100,000. Later, I find VC investors who will put in $1,000,000 for 49% of the company. So then the company goes from being worth 100,000 at the start with 1 shareholder to being worth 2,000,000 with 2. Then in the future there might be rights issues. Would Aragon be able to do all these things?

Iā€™m not sure I follow, can you expand on the rights issue a bit more. But if your DAO was set up along the same lines as a traditional company, you would just have tokens that represent shares. So for example

  • After launching your DAO you seed it with 100,000DAI
  • you mint 100,000 TKN and issue them to your self
  • when the VC invests the 1,000,000DAI the DAO mints 99,000 TKN and assigns them to the VC.

This functionality is available right now out of the box, and will only get more powerful with the apps due to be released this year