CommunityDAO release: discussion thread

CommunityDAO (CDAO) - Community sourced documentation and support

The CommunityDAO exists to help people connect with relevant information and people in the Aragon community. Its first use case: documentation. It is out today on Rinkeby*.

How does it work? ⇒ 2min read CDAO Basic Doc :eyes:

This initiative is seeded by Aaron, Burrrata, and Louis. The initial idea was to create a new community DAO to organize work within the community. Integrating a sophisticated bounty system and a community directory to connect people. Eventually, we decided to start small and went with documentation as the first type of work one could submit to the CommunityDAO. We also decided to start simple and we use a Reputation Template Aragon DAO to organize this initiative. We will use the Aragon Forum to submit work and store documentation.

Questions on the CDAO and how to participate? Let’s chat and document what needs to be :wink:

*best efforts will be made to replicate the Rinkeby org history on Mainnet once deployed and issue corresponding rewards

So as you said in the guide: “the CommunityDAO (CDAO) is run by Aragon community members. Its goal is to incentivize community-sourced documentation of Aragon apps, templates and user guides.” at the beginning i was confused with the name CDAO (Community DAO) because there are so many community DAOs and it get more and more difficult to separate them they sound all so similar. I would propose to change it to CDDAO (Community Documentation DAO). But then how does it differ from the CRDAO? What are the pros and cons and differences between the CDAO /CDDAO & the CRDAO ? Why do we need the CDAO what we can’t do with CRDAO?

Hey @mouyou, thanks for these good questions!

You seem to be pointing at an overlap in name and function.
Name - I think that we can simply stop calling all these organization ‘DAOs’ and give them proper names if we feel like it would enhance clarity and distinction. Also, calling it “Community Documentation DAO” would be narrowing the potential scope of the DAO by default to documentation, while we hope that its scope will grow with time.

Function - CRDAO is a rewards organization and it can nominate anyone to receive rewards for pretty much anything. The CommunityDAO has a general goal which is connecting people to get work done. The CDAO is focusing on just documentation today. CDAO curates documentation submitted through it and members of the CDAO approve/reject/enhance this documentation. With time the CDAO should evolve and grow its scope to other use-cases.

it would be helpful for me to see a list with Aragon DAOs and the different permissions each has for example CRAO can do this and that / CFDAO is for this and that / CDAO is for this and that / ANDAO is for this and that / AADAO is for this and that. Like a diagram or mindmap something where you see the connections and at the same time you see the different problems each DAO tackles in one picture.

Perhaps something like this:

I think this kind of DAO structure can then be copied by other communities. They click which DAOs they need for their community and launch them on Aragon with instruction how to use them (forum connection, meeting structure etc. )

Yes I really like the idea of providing examples and tools to other communities.

Do you suggest here that the sub-DAOs (rewards, marketing…) should all be Nested in the CommunityDAO?

yes I think this is nice

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