CommunityDAO Basic Doc

A document exploring basic questions about the CommunityDAO (CDAO)

  • What problem does the CDAO solve?
  • How does the CDAO solve this problem?
  • How do you participate in the CDAO to earn reputation?

The CommunityDAO exists to help people connect with relevant information and people in the Aragon community. Currently, it is non-trivial to go from being interested in Aragon to actually learning about, using, or building Aragon related things. The CommunityDAO aims to fix this.

Knowledge is power. Currently, the Aragon community is not empowered to make the most of the Aragon ecosystem. This is especially true for newcomers who want to use or contribute to Aragon. Information on Aragon apps and templates is scattered across various GitHub repos. Successfully deployed Aragon DAOs are hard to track down. It doesn’t have to be this way. To fix this the CommunityDAO will work on documenting Aragon apps, templates, DAOs, use-cases and guides. And really, any resources that help people realise the value of Aragon DAOs.

The CommunityDAO is administrated with reputation tokens that you and anyone can earn. How? All you need to do is create a thread in the Aragon forum that provides information on an Aragon app, template, or DAO. To be eligible for CommunityDAO rewards the thread needs to have comprehensive information about an app, template, DAO or guide. When you do this, mention a CommunityDAO reputation holder (currently @aaron, @burrrata, or @louisgrx, but soon other community members who have earned REP as well) and they will review your work. They will then provide suggestions for improvement and/or create a vote to mint a reputation token for you. For an example of what a finished guide looks like, please see this thread.

1 approved documentation thread = 1 REP token and 50 ANT*. It’s that simple!

With your reputation (REP) tokens, you can approve work and mint new reputation tokens. You can also participate in the chat and decisions as to what types of work do and do not qualify to earn reputation. While the concrete work done by the CommunityDAO will change over time, the goal of connecting people to relevant information and people in the Aragon ecosystem will not. More of a choose your own adventure game than a predetermined master plan.

We look forward to working with you to help organize and connect the Aragon community. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :slight_smile:

*If you want to be eligible to receive ANT rewards, a form to sign the CommunityDAO Contributor Agreement will soon be available (WIP). This is a necessary step so the Aragon Association can keep its accounting clean. Please reach out to @Burrrata or @Louisgrx for questions.

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