Community token app

is it possible to have an aragon app which is there to manage a community token with all the stuff needed for the community to manage a token. for example if a group wants to reward each other for a specific behaviour. then a very simple ui interface where they can create an account in the dao (aragon blockchain address) and send , vote and receive token and see the balance, history and addressbook. perhaps integrating in the app status chat.

then those community DAOs can create DAO Republics where they share similar value and accept the token from the other community for voting. Embracing the friendly tribalism and tokenize the community.

if there is also bightID integrated in this app then local people can authenticate each other. perhaps this could be aragon meetup rooms around the world where people teach and play aragon* :wink:

perhaps similar to the website & airbnb / is a place where people can rent out rooms for meetups.

*play aragon / CFDAO could be something like

I think this is possible today with the standard democracy template (or whatever the latest version of it is).

The Agent app would allow you hold and vote with the tokens of other DAOs.