Community Rewards DAO

Community Rewards DAO

Following on from this thread and this thread we propose we create a Community Rewards DAO (CRDAO). Its goal is to acknowledge and reward informal contributions and encourage community members to take initiative and create value in a permissionless fashion.

The CRDAO will reward contributions to the Aragon ecosystem with small amounts of ANT. Its purpose is to reward people for contributions they do and encourage them to do more voluntarily without necessarily an expectation of specific remuneration. it differs from CFDAO in that recipients do not apply for funds, CRDAO rewards are recognition for service to the Aragon Community.

CRDAO will have a fixed weekly budget. This will provide a runway from this AGP to the next. The budget will be divided amongst nominated Aragon community members using Autarks Dot Voting app. The reward policy will be based on the 1Hive model, however a key difference being that any member of the Aragon forum can nominate anyone else, but it is up to the DAO members to actually vote on those nominations. Details on the proposed structure and settings of the CRDAO can be found here


Hi Aaron!!

I really like the purpose you are looking to fulfill with this proposal. Effectively, giving economic rewards for communities contributions is something that Aragon definitively should work (and experiment) about.

But achieving so is actually very complex (not complicated, complex) as we are talking about matching peoples expectations, skills, expertise , quality in their deliverables with an “objective as possible” number (DAI in this case) that would compensate, their time and effort as well as their capacity in achieving a good efficiency and effectiveness in their work.

Centralized systems have figured out this pretty well, you just need one agent deciding the task that needs to be done, set a price, publish it and wait for someone that will do the work for the offered price. But doing this in a decentralized fashion is something that still requires some ad-hoc design and development. Aragon product is just not ready (yet) to do this kind of stuff. The way I see it, you need three different decision taking mechanism that should be operating in a day to day basics (let’s please afford that voting is not the best way to approach this, people just don’t like to vote that often):

  • Task division and selections: who’s deciding what kind of work actually need to be done? How do we decide on what task are actually adding value to the network? what task would worth nothing? how to avoid to reward to overlapping tasks that maybe other people in the other side of the network had already done it… and even better?
  • Task allocation: how we would decide who’s doing the task when we have more than one person willing to do it?
  • Reward distribution: what are the proper prices to be set for each task? what is the validation process that the DAO should follow to have proof that the work has been done, with the expected quality and within the acceptable timelines?

I realize that some of this points are figured out already by your proposal (although I really like SourceCred, I think they’re lacking a way to measure effectiveness of the contributions), but again, I don’t think voting is a good solution, even less rinkeby-mainnet double-voting just because TPS is not ready for mainnet.

In conclusion, I am sure this is something Aragon and any DAO really need to have in place, but I’m personally very skeptic about the approach you guys are proposing. If I may, I would propose this HL alternative solutions:

  • Follow the example @chrishobcroft is giving with respect of the retrospective funding proposal with the CFDAO (and allow subjective discussion to take place and take decisions).
  • Modify the AGP, proposing a centralized, trusted, delegated steward, selected and evaluated by the DAO, who will take a roll in deciding what are the tasks that really need to be done (or those that doesn’t?) so you can agilize the process and avoid burning people by asking them to continuously vote.
  • Apply for an Aragon NEST purposed to develop an MVP designed ad-hoc for this (maybe an integration with gitcoin or Bounties Network would be cool (and we could even ask some funds from them (?)).

Hope this input will give you some food for thoughts so you can refine your proposal here! All the best!

There seems to be some overlap with Autark’s Strengthening Network Sustainability initiative, you may want to coordinate with them first to make sure we’re not duplicating efforts unnecessarily.—strengthening-network-sustainability

Thanks for the feedback Gus

I think there may be a bit of confusion as to what the proposal actually entails, hopefully, I can make it a bit clearer here and update the proposal accordingly

Firstly, this is not to replace CFDAO. There are no tasks, no deliverables and no expectations required for a reward. Rewards are not payments for services rendered nor are they compensation. Rewards are given as an appreciation and recognition for playing an active role and providing value to the community. Also All rewards will be in ANT. The point is to reward community contribution with a stake in the network And increase active participation in AGPs

This is a system that 1Hive have had for a while and already works very well. you can find more information about how it works here and a link to the 1Hive dot voting app here to see how it works in practice


  • there is a fixed weekly budget.
  • you cannot apply for a reward. you must be nominated by another community member.
  • All valid nominations are voted on by the DAO members using the Dot voting app.
  • Dot voting allows you to use your voting weight as preferences over the candidates

just to clarify. Rewards will not be paid according to one’s credits accumulates, these credits will be be used to as voting weights in the CRDAO. As the proposal currently stands, every member will have an equal voting weight in the Dot voting app. Any active member of the Aragon community can join the DAO and vote. What the source cred will do is give more voting weight to those who have contributed more (according to the algorithm)

On the point of the effectiveness of the contribution, I agree. This is why we are experimenting, there is nothing like this in the Aragon ecosystem, we will have a new template in 0.8 called “Reputation” however there is not an app that will calculate this programmaticall . Since we will not be rewarding funds based on the metric this is a safe

What this allows us to do is to experiment with the algorithm and in a real-world DAO but with low risk. This way we can refine and battle test it. IMO this will be a key app for opensource projects, a key market for Aragon DAOs.

Double voting is not strictly nessasary. The main net DAO could have a 2/3 admin to transfer the funds or the balances could just build up and all members vote at a slower cadence. 2 DAOs is not ideal but it has its benefits. It allows experimentation on test net without any real funds at stake with the implementation in a lower risk environment. It should also be noted this is has been done successfully by the Mesh team.

I hope that clarifies some of your issues :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m super excited about this initiative, in fact, it was one of my favourite bits of the proposal. I will coordinate with them for sure but I think this proposal is differentiated enough to stand on its own merits.

  1. The primary purpose of this AGP is to incentivise and reward community participation within the Aragon Network as a whole not necessarily to find a sustainable revenue source
  2. This is also to be an experiment of the SourceCred application, which is as of now still just a community endeavour, not part of the Autark road map
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It sounds like you’re describing bounties. The CRDAO will not have bounties and the CRDAO will not be rewarding specific tasks. The goal it to use allocations and dot voting apps to recognize and reward community members. That is all. The goal is to say thank you for awesome stuff that the community does.

That is a really cool endeavor, but the goal here is not sustainability. The goal is to run an experiment to recognize, reward, and incentivize community participation. This experiment is only intended to initially run from this AGP to the next. At that point it can be reevaluated to see if it makes sense to continue.

To add to this: the primary purpose of this AGP is 100% to incentivise and reward community participation within the Aragon Network. Allocations and community nominations are awesome, and after test driving those apps in several DAOs we want to bring them to the broader Aragon community on this forum. Anyone can nominate anyone, however we will start by having members of the CRDAO do the actual dot voting. CRDAO members can create proposals to add new members, so we expect this membership pool to grow. Eventually we would like to grow the membership pool to include all Aragon forum community members by using SourceCred to distribute voting weight and allow anyone to vote.


cool!! the picture is clearer now.

nice distinction between reward and bounties @burrrata I think I was a bit lost in translation. Thanks!

BTW, I think it’s time for me to get more involved in 1Hive. I will start my research and look forward to join that community.

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