Community Reward dApp

With the Community Reward dApp community admins can create a DAO for free with which they can mint tokens for free to reward community members for their positive behavior. They can create Rinkeby Addresses for their members with their tokens + free Rinkeby ETH. For most communities a Rinkeby DAO is enough and if the token gains more value they can switch to main net.

To get the user from one social media site to the Community Reward dApp the Community Admin goes in the dApp and clicks on + “invite member (fill in a name) with (fill in a number) token(s)”. Then a link gets created which s/he can copy and send via private message.

To add use cases to the token the admin goes in “Shop” and adds new stuff a member/follower can purchase with their tokens either by selling the token or just owning an amount of tokens

Use case of tokens:

  • use/burn the token to get discount on purchases. Max. for example 20% in tokens. Each token = 1$

  • The more tokens you own the higher your supporter level and the more perks you get like discount or exclusive access etc.

  • Token Marketing. Communities/DAOs can collaborate in a way that if you own DAO+A token you also get 50% of DAO+B tokens.