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About CRDAO (Community Reward DAO)

Following on from this thread and this thread we propose we create a Community Rewards DAO (CRDAO). Its goal is to acknowledge and reward informal contributions and encourage community members to take initiative and create value in a permissionless fashion.

The CRDAO will reward contributions to the Aragon ecosystem with small amounts of ANT. Its purpose is to reward people for contributions they do and encourage them to do more voluntarily without necessarily an expectation of specific remuneration. it differs from CFDAO in that recipients do not apply for funds, CRDAO rewards are recognition for service to the Aragon Community.

CRDAO will have a fixed weekly budget. This will provide a runway from this AGP to the next. The budget will be divided amongst nominated Aragon community members using Autarks Dot Voting app. The reward policy will be based on the 1Hive model , however a key difference being that any member of the Aragon forum can nominate anyone else, but it is up to the DAO members to actually vote on those nominations. Details on the proposed structure and settings of the CRDAO can be found here

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